2 Types of Cargo Theft & How to Protect Your Business

1. Straight Cargo Theft

Straight cargo theft is a major threat to commercial businesses such as recycling plants, truck yard, and warehouses. This type of cargo theft is defined as cargo being stolen from where it is sitting and usually targets products that can quickly be sold on the market. Unattended items on commercial properties are often a target for straight cargo theft because they are readily available and can be profitable for thieves.

Electric fencing is a great solution for straight cargo theft because it includes a physical deterrent, a shock deterrent and alarm deterrent. Deterring criminals from entering the property in the first place is beneficial in preventing straight cargo theft because it eliminates opportunistic situations for thieves that are looking for an easy payday.

2. Strategic Cargo Theft

Unlike straight cargo theft, strategic theft is more calculated and complicated. This involves deceiving people at various points in the supply chain into turning cargo over to the wrong individuals. Using a fake ID or a fake business to trick carriers, brokers and shippers are common practices used by commercial burglars to attain costly cargo. Attempting these fictitious pick-ups close to deadlines allows thieves to profit from time constraints and employee errors.

perimeter security solution with video surveillance can be used to identify commercial burglars in the event of a strategic cargo theft at a business. Holding on to video footage allows a company to review how the criminal got away with commercial robbery in order to prevent it the next time.


What is a Commercial Burglary?

A commercial burglary is defined as entering a commercial property without permission in order to carry out or set up a theft. Commercial burglary can have devastating impacts on businesses. Loss of valuable goods and time are just some of the negative factors involved. Many commercial businesses such as truck yards and warehouses take security precautions such as:

Ways to Prevent Commercial Robberies

  • Electric Fencing
  • Motion Detectors
  • Cameras
  • Security Guards
  • Lighting

The best way to prevent commercial robberies is to install a solar-powered electric security fence on your property. Other ways to protect your facility from theft include surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and lights. These security measures are very valuable and will protect commercial goods and property from thieves.


Negative Consequences of Cargo Theft & Commercial Robberies

All robberies are difficult for those who have their property stolen but commercial burglaries tend to be more impactful and expensive when compared to residential theft. Cargo theft at a business can disrupt daily operations, supply chains, and the reputation of a company.

Dealing with police officers and insurance representatives is time consuming. In fact, it takes an average of 37 hours to deal with a property crime, which impacts productivity. Commercial burglary is very expensive when accounting for initial losses, insurance rates and potential loss of business. Research shows that a burglary costs an average business more than $200,000.

71% of Thieves Return to Target Businesses They've Hit Before

Commercial Burglary is Not Always Completed at Night

  • Thieves may break in to change the location or prices of items so that they may come back and profit later.
  • Criminals may make a robbery easier for an accomplice or may plan to return to finish the job.
  • Many will visit a location more than once to determine available items and value.
  • A shocking amount of cargo theft and burglaries take place during the day.

Criminals are becoming savvier in the ways they plan and commit cargo theft and burglaries which is why it is important for commercial businesses to keep up to date with the latest security trends and technology.


AMAROK has the ultimate perimeter security solution

AMAROK offers the Electric Guard Dog solar powered electric fencing system and other perimeter security solutions to protect assets at commercial businesses. Perimeter protection, video surveillance, access control and lighting are just some of the features AMAROK offers to keep commercial businesses safe from commercial burglaries. A layered security solution assures protection in multiple ways. From deterrents to cameras and motion detection, AMAROK offers the ultimate perimeter protection.

Protect Your Business From Theft With an Electric Security Fence & Perimeter Security System

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