IMCG Intermodal Cartage Company Deters 100% Rail Yard Crime for 5+ Years


Thieves in bands invaded the Intermodal Cartage Company of Memphis virtually at will. By design, the company positioned itself adjacent to rail yards, which also provided excellent cover for criminals, who breached the perimeter, ravaged large freight containers, and selected the most lucrative items for themselves.

A simple perimeter chain link fence was never going to stop or even slow down these highly organized and efficient robbers of goods and peace of mind. And, because Intermodal Cartage Company stored up to 6,000 containers at a time on a 125-acre plot, this location would remain target-rich and high-risk without intervention.

THE Solution

Intermodal Cartage Company recognized the necessity of preventing thieves from touching or even approaching the perimeter and implemented The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence. The 10-foot-tall, solar-powered electric fence delivers 7,000 safe but memorable volts to anyone who touches it. Clear and visible multilingual warning signs are posted every 30 feet. Bright LED lights and alarms trigger if the fence is touched, climbed, or cut. Intermodal Cartage also opted to add 24-hour remote video monitoring that can alert police if there is an attempted breach.


“It really comes down to peace of mind, and it is just necessary in this day and age.”

THE results

To date, after repeated incidences of theft and vandalism, not a single attempt to breach the fence has occurred since the installation of The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence in 2017. Effective deterrence is the first line of defense for The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence and it has been 100% effective.

THE benefits

The initial Memphis installation has fostered additional installations in Tennessee, Texas, and at other sister companies.