Pitt Ohio Puts Their Customers & Reputation First With Perimeter Security


Pitt Ohio stores customers’ goods and assets within its perimeter, and it was not going to allow passing thieves or even criminals hired by organized crime to compromise its new terminal in Parma, Ohio. True to the clause “commitment to security” contained in its five-part mission statement, Pitt Ohio decided to bolster its perimeter security before theft occurred.

THE Solution

AMAROK can create a custom-designed perimeter-security solution for virtually any application, and Pitt Ohio needed exactly that. Along with The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence, Pitt Ohio incorporates other AMAROK security solutions like access control, gate access, surveillance cameras, and 24/7 remote monitoring. Because Pitt Ohio engages in sustainable and green strategies, the solar-powered technology of The Electric Guard Dog Fence is a perfect complement. “We use The Electric Guard Dog Fence every place we can,” says Ryan Shewchuk, Director of Enterprise Security at Pitt Ohio.


“Losing company assets is bad enough but losing a customer’s assets also means losing a customer.”

THE results

Reliability and sustainability rank high with Pitt Ohio. “It’s elegant in its simplicity,” says Shewchuk. “It’s resilient and not particularly complex.” Other security systems have a lot that can malfunction. And the property, unsurprisingly, has experienced zero break-ins, forcing petty thieves and Goodfellas
alike to seek more vulnerable targets.

THE benefits

Pitt Ohio values the agility and flexibility of The Electric Guard Dog Fence solution. Pitt Ohio is a mobile operation and it appreciates that The Electric Guard Dog Fence can be moved and/or installed in a matter of weeks. “They can be where we need when we need them to be there,” says Shewchuk.