CPC Module Theft

For the trucking industry, productivity is directly correlated to revenue. Today, the rise in CPC, or common power-train controller theft, is threatening that productivity and could have even more of an impact on your business than you may think. The CPC module is the brains of your trucks – the money in your money maker. Without it, your trucks are inoperable, and your business takes a hit.

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Impacting The Trucking Industry Today in More Ways Than One

The Indirect Cost of CPC Theft for Trucking Companies

Whether you sell trucks, rent trucks, or provide truck service – when your trucks are down, you’re not able to profit. Besides the obvious, truck downtime could mean losing customers - taking their business somewhere more reliable and safer. Truck downtime could also mean fewer hours for your people, and with good employees in high demand today they may end up looking for more consistent work.

While the rate at which CPC theft is being reported continues to grow, it may never be as prevalent as catalytic converter theft. Catalytic converters will always be easier to steal since they’re accessed from outside the vehicle and quicker to turn into cash because of their general application. Though with that said, CPC theft is proving to have a more detrimental impact on its victims than catalytic converter theft – and thus, should be taken seriously.

CPC Theft vs. Catalytic Converter Theft

Inside CPC Theft: How It Works

The CPC module is found under the dashboard of your truck. When thieves can gain access they're very easy to remove, but they will typically cause damage to the interior of the trucks while they're at it. From there, they can sell the module on eBay for anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000.

If a CPC module is taken from one or more of your trucks, you might be able to front the cost to replace them and to replace any additional damage done to the vehicle during the theft but what will hurt you is the downtime

Part of why CPC module theft is increasing is because supply is scarce. It could take you months to get your hands on a new module that fits your vehicle with how back-ordered they are today. You could be forced to buy off the black market for a heavy markup.

The Direct Cost of CPC Theft for Trucking Companies

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Vulnerable Sites + Valuable Assets Make Truck Yards Attractive Property Crime Targets

Most trucking companies are in industrial parks or other areas that are virtually deserted at night. Thieves can approach and assess a site without arousing suspicion. Typical chain link perimeter fencing can be easily cut. No technology or specialized skills are required. At large sites, most of the perimeter is out of site. Coupled with poor lighting, this allows thieves to breach fencing without being seen. Vehicles and containers stored onsite provide good hiding places as well as being targets of opportunity.

Our multi-layered security solutions drive would-be intruders away – before they can drive away with your valuable cargo and equipment.
We start with the Electric Guard Dog, a 10-foot-high, solar-powered electric fence set inside your perimeter fence. Contact with the fence delivers a 7,000-volt shock and simultaneously activates ultra-bright lights, a loud alarm, and surveillance cameras.
Your security solution is customized to your site and installed and completely maintained by us, AMAROK, for one affordable monthly fee. No construction costs, costly maintenance fees, or unexpected repair bills. With our perimeter protection, you can prevent truck yard intrusions and thefts and get in the fast lane to greater productivity and profits. 

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