Perimeter Security in Wisconsin

AMAROK offers commercial security solutions including electric fencing and video surveillance to companies in Wisconsin. Our products protect your company’s perimeter and keep your assets secure. Fortify your Wisconsin property with a cost-effective electrical fence that does not require any upfront costs. 

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Security Needs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin had roughly 9,000 instances of burglary reported in 2022 and the chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in Wisconsin are 1 in 72. Unfortunately, when property crime does occur, less than 30% of assets are recovered after a break-in

Overall, property crime is one of the most concerning crime issues in the state, with theft being one of the most prevalent property crime violations — there were over 57,000 offenses reported Business owners can safeguard their property and assets more effectively with an electric fence in Wisconsin.

Why Get an Electric Fence for Your Business?

AMAROK offers various electric fencing solutions for perimeter security in Wisconsin, which include our most popular product — The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence. Cost-efficient, our solutions do not require any upfront costs and are more affordable than employing security guards. Simply pay a reasonable monthly service fee, and we’ll take care of installation, maintenance and upgrades. 

Rely on AMAROK for your Wisconsin electric fence installation and reap the following benefits from our smart security solutions:

Advanced Security Features in Wisconsin

Every Wisconsin business has unique security needs. AMAROK offers additional security features to create the most advanced boundary. Create a multilevel security approach by adding the following:

  • Sentinels: Sirens and flashing blue and red LED lights can send intruders running and work well in remote corners and at gates.
  • Perimeter Detection System: Our advanced systems sense when someone attempts to climb or cut your fence. 
  • Video Surveillance: Capture compelling evidence against potential intruders with 24/7 camera monitoring. 
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Industries We Serve

AMAROK protects the perimeters of Wisconsin businesses operating in various industries with precision. A sturdy fence safeguards your assets and provides peace of mind, whatever sector you operate in. We work with multiple industries across Wisconsin, including:

Client Testimonials in the Midwest

AMAROK offers superior security solutions across the country. Our clients appreciate our commitment to personable customer service — our technicians are available 24/7, ready to troubleshoot any equipment issue. Over the years, we’ve accumulated an impressive list of happy clients across the country. Check out video testimonials from some of them, including:

*Data collected from AMAROK business cases.

We Offer Security Solutions Throughout the United States

AMAROK follows a reliable process throughout the United States to streamline our services — offering fast and cost-effective protection. We provide a no-cost, pressure-free on-site consultation to assess your unique security needs. You don’t need to worry about compliance and permitting, as our dedicated team will handle it for you. We’ll also prepare your site for installation, and once compliance and permitting are complete, our expert technicians will install your electrical fence.

Our masterful team can train you and your staff to operate your security system efficiently. AMAROK also takes care of our customers by providing 24/7 customer care services so you stay protected — if you have any queries or challenges with your system, we’re just a phone call away.

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Protect Your Wisconsin Property With an Electric Fence

AMAROK is ready to offer an affordable and efficient way to safeguard your assets with premium perimeter security in Wisconsin. Find a Wisconsin AMAROK representative near you today for premium commercial security.