Why Choose AMAROK'S
Perimeter Security Solutions?

Conventional approaches to perimeter security are outdated and not powerful enough to meet the demands of varied environments and multiple threats. AMAROK provides the ultimate solution, with world-class industrial and perimeter protection that stops would-be thieves in their tracks. Discover the difference that working with an innovative perimeter security expert makes.

Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

AMAROK proudly provides complete security as a service to our valued customers. Our market-leading perimeter security solutions deliver highly effective 360-degree protection for properties in various industries.

Electric Fencing

Trust us to help you realize all the crime-deterring benefits of electric fences. We customize our legal and medically safe electric fencing to your site and risk level.

Video Surveillance

Reap the benefits of multilayer security with video surveillance add-ons. Our solutions include the integrated and robust FORTIFEYE™ that helps you keep watch over every inch of your property.

Optional Upgrades

Take security to the maximum level with additional services and products that help provide all-encompassing protection. Our solutions allow you to create a custom strategy based on your unique property needs.

More Than 7,000 Customers
Across 48 States
Experience no theft after installation
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From multiple thefts to zero. From vehicle vandalism and disrupted operations to confident security. Total peace of mind on and off the property. Real-world results for real-world companies. That’s AMAROK perimeter security. Hear it in our customers’ own words.

“From all my experience in the security business I have yet to see a better perimeter barrier.”
- Neil Taylor, Security Manager, Intermodal Cartage
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“I call it the 'do right' fence—it makes people do right.”
- Ken, United Rentals
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“The Electric Guard Dog™ has been the solution. We have had no attempt at a break-in since.”
- Lea Howell, Office Manager, Todd Equipment, Inc.
“We have no external theft.”
- Dave Sporeleder, Terminal Manager, NEMF Trucking
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Our Multilayered Approach Protects Your Bottom Line

Modern business success demands efficiency, and efficiency demands the creation of value and trimming of waste. Our perimeter security solutions empower you to do both.

Crime Prevention

Stolen goods cost your company money — and more than just the expenses of replacing them. Theft can also lead to a loss of reputation and future sales. Paying for security that doesn’t adequately prevent theft costs even more. AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions have a proven history of effective deterrence you can measure in dollars and peace of mind.

Labor Savings

Many businesses use 24/7 security guards to provide round-the-clock property protection. Sourcing, vetting and employing that talent can get costly with recruiting expenses, background checks, hourly rates and benefits. Partnering with a third-party security firm can also carry a substantial price tag.

AMAROK’s security solutions have a track record of reducing on-site guard costs by $26,000 annually.

Time Savings

Our professionals handle the installation of your customized security strategy — and all its maintenance. You can devote your team’s resources to other tasks. The ability to focus on tasks that generate revenue rather than consume can produce considerable money savings for your business.

Ultimate Perimeter Security.
As a Service.

Our perimeter security model starts with our award-winning electric fencing solution and layer perimeter security solutions to meet your site’s needs. This can include AMAROK’s integrated video surveillance, monitoring, alarms, security lights and more. Then, we package everything in a comprehensive Perimeter Security-as-a-Service offering with a manageable monthly subscription.

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Always on the Alert

AMAROK's perimeter security options work tirelessly and without distraction to protect your property — no breaks or days off needed.

Always Monitored

Clever criminals know where your security gaps are and how to leverage them. AMAROK solutions are smarter, with continuous vigilance and monitoring across your entire property.

A Safe But Memorable Shock Reminder

Our electric fencing gives a would-be intruder something to remember it by — a medically safe and legal jolt of electricity that they won't soon forget.

A Budget-Friendly Security Solution

There's no cost to your business for our fence's installation or upkeep. Our innovative solar-powered design means no uptick in your electric bill, either.

Talk to One of Our Perimeter Security Experts

Talk to a local AMAROK security expert familiar with your region and jurisdictional needs. See how we can help you prevent theft and protect your property with an integrated electric fencing and perimeter security solution.