Traditional perimeter security is antiquated and unequipped to deal with the various threats to your business. AMAROK provides world-class commercial & industrial perimeter security solutions that deter criminals and protect your property. See what makes our proven perimeter security solutions different.

Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

More Than 7,000 Customers
Across 48 States
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Experience no theft after installation
“From all my experience in the security business I have yet to see a better perimeter barrier.”
- Neil Taylor, Security Manager, Intermodal Cartage
“I call it the 'do right' fence—it makes people do right.”
- Ken, United Rentals
“The Electric Guard Dog™ has been the solution. We have had no attempt at a break-in since.”
- Lea Howell, Office Manager, Todd Equipment, Inc.
“We have no external theft.”
- Dave Sporeleder, Terminal Manager, NEMF Trucking

Ultimate Perimeter Security.
As a Service.

We start with our award-winning electric fencing solution and layer perimeter security solutions to meet your site’s needs. This can include AMAROK’s integrated video surveillance, monitoring, alarms, security lights, and more. Then, we package everything in a comprehensive Perimeter Security-as-a-Service offering with a manageable monthly subscription.


    network field of support.

  • ZERO

    upfront costs to install.


    and backed by the
    AMAROK liability guarantee.

  • 24/7/365

    customer support team.

Always Vigilant

AMAROK perimeter security solutions never get tired, never go on break, and never get distracted. Our electric fences protect your property every second of every day.

Always Accessible

Businesses have perimeter blind spots that smart criminals know how to exploit. We provide a smarter perimeter solution with electric fencing that stays alert and monitored when you need it.

A Safe (but Memorable) Shock

Our perimeter security systems and electric fences deliver a safe but memorable pulse of electricity that deters while still meeting safety standards.

A Cost-Effective Security Solution

We handle the installation and maintenance cost of our electric fences. Plus, you won’t see an increase in your power bills thanks to the solar-powered battery.

Talk to One of Our Perimeter Security Experts

Talk to an AMAROK expert familiar with your region and jurisdictional needs. See how we can help you prevent theft and protect your property with an integrated electric fencing and perimeter security solution.