The Electric Guard Dog™ Electric Fence

Stop theft before it happens with the most effective electric fencing solution in the nation. Our flagship full-perimeter electric fence has been proven to prevent theft for 98% of our customers after installation.

Multiple Layers of Security.
One Effective Electric Fence.

Deter criminals and protect your assets with three powerful layers of defense in one.


    Establish effective perimeter security and send clear warning signs with a 10-foot-high electric barrier that protects and deters.


    Make anyone who attempts a perimeter breach think twice with 7,000 memorable volts of electricity.


    Any attempt to scale or touch the fence triggers a blaring alarm and ultra-bright LED lights, adding another incentive to flee.

The Smarter Approach to Perimeter Security

  • Highly effective & fully monitored
  • No purchase or installation costs
  • Installed & operational in weeks
  • All maintenance & service included
  • One manageable monthly investment
  • Supplied power back up 

Easily Tailored to Your Risk Level & Environment

Higher Risk


Offering 30 strands of wire and triple the number of fiberglass poles of The Electric Guard Dog Fence, The 30 Series provides added protection and deterrence measures. This makes it ideal for businesses that are in high crime, high risk areas or that have highly valuable or extremely rare goods.

Lower Risk or Pre-Permit


The Defender Fence is ideal for businesses in lower-crime areas or with permit timing gaps. It establishes a low-voltage, electronically monitored perimeter, alerting you with extra sirens and flashing lights. It also easily converts to the full 7,000-volt Electric Guard Dog Fence if your permit clears or risk level changes.

The Electric Guard Dog Series Comparisons

10’ Tall Electric Fence w 7,000 Volts Shock
10’ Tall Low-Voltage Electric Fence
Visual Deterrent
Alarm Monitoring & Notification
Audible Alarm Siren
Arm & Disarm via App
Two Additional Fiberglass Poles per 30’
10 Additional Monitored Wires
Lights and Siren

Add-On Security Features to Enhance Your Perimeter

AMAROK offers a wide variety of enhancements to further bolster your perimeter security. Add these features to The Electric Guard Dog Fence for even more security.


Lowers voltage during business hours to deter tampering and raises voltage again at closing time to protect your property from crime.


An extension from the lower third of The Electric Guard Dog Fence makes access-by-digging virtually impossible.


Keeps a perimeter armed when the gate is open, then auto-arms when the gate closes, so the last person out can leave without a code.


The top of the fence shoots inward at 45 degrees to limit the ability to toss stolen goods to an accomplice on the other side.

What Our Customers Say

Chief Engineer, Andrew Alexander, was dealing with repeated catalytic converter theft at his location before AMAROK® came along. Now that The Electric Guard Dog™ fence has been installed, Andrew can enjoy peace of mind knowing his site is protected.
Travis Watkins, manager of Thompson CAT Rental in Memphis, TN, has been using FORTIFEYE™ by AMAROK to secure his site's perimeter and keep criminals out. Check it out and review FORTIFEYE yourself.
Wayne Mitchell, owner of Kent Mitchell RV Sales, talks about the theft of catalytic converters he'd been experiencing on his site. But after AMAROK secured his perimeter with The Electric Guard Dog™ fence, he hasn't had a single attempted break-in, unlike his competitors without AMAROK.
Jon Reinke, owner of Outcast Watersports, was experiencing theft at his property in Tampa, FL. But since installing AMAROK's Electric Guard Dog™ fence, he's experienced "no theft whatsoever."
AMAROK customers at U.S. Lawns in Charlotte, NC recently had a break-in attempt, but AMAROK's Electric Guard Dog™ fence did it's job and protected this location. Nothing stops crime like an electric fence. Period.
Tony Schoenling, with OKI Auto Auction in Cincinnati, OH, was experiencing catalytic converter theft and vandalism at his business. But since installing AMAROK's Electric Guard Dog™ fence in 2019, he has not had any break-ins or losses at his property.
Joe with Gateway Dealer Network, a BOBCAT Dealer in the Southeast US, has been a long-time customer---since 2005! Listen to his experience with AMAROK's service in securing his six locations. AMAROK is the Ultimate Perimeter Security, stopping crime before it happens.

Nothing Stops Crime Like an Electric Fence. Period.

See how The Electric Guard Dog Fence can help prevent theft and protect your property. Talk to an AMAROK expert familiar with your region and jurisdictional needs.