Additional Security Solutions

Customize your perimeter security solution with a wide range of security add-ons that enhance your ability to protect assets and prevent theft.

Motion Detectors

Our motion detectors come with dual technology for enhanced detection and minimal false alarms. They are able to detect motion up to a range of 50 ft.


Draw extra attention to potential intruders with Sentinels from AMAROK. These stand alone alarm systems are perfect for drawing extra attention to darker or more at-risk areas on your property. If your fence goes into alarm, Sentinels will start sounding sirens and flooding the area with light thanks to powerful LED lights.

Perimeter Detection System

Turn your fence into a highly-sensitive, crime-stopping perimeter detection system with AMAROK. Our perimeter detection system detects cutting or climbing of any fence and is ideal for chainlink, welded mesh or razor wire coil fences of any height.

Looking to Enhance Your Perimeter Security?

Talk to an AMAROK perimeter security expert to talk about which features could be right for your property. Craft your fully integrated perimeter security solution. Protect your vulnerable buildings.