Advanced Perimeter Security Solutions

Build a fully customized, multilayered perimeter security plan based on your specific business needs. AMAROK makes end-to-end protection possible with various add-on products and services designed to complement The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence.

Our Advanced Perimeter Security Options


Draw extra attention to potential intruders with Sentinels from AMAROK. These stand-alone alarm systems are perfect for protecting the darker or more at-risk areas on your property.

If your fence goes into alarm, Sentinels will start sounding sirens and flooding the area with light thanks to powerful red and blue flashing LED lights.

Talk Down Sentinel

Warn off intruders visually and audibly before they commit a crime with our Talk Down Sentinel, a three-part feature that includes a blue and red flashing light bar, white LED floodlights and an outdoor horn speaker capable of warning the would-be intruder with pre-recorded messages or a live agent’s voice.

Electric Fence Sentinel Alarm
Tall Tree Next To An Electric Fence

Vegetation Control Services

AMAROK has a network of reputable and professional landscaping partners to keep your Electric Guard Dog Fence free of excess vegetation.

We assist with the original clearing before installation. We also offer an ongoing vegetation maintenance plan to help keep your vegetation controlled on an ongoing basis.

Perimeter Detection System

Turn your fence into a highly sensitive, crime-stopping perimeter detection system with AMAROK.

Our perimeter detection system detects cutting or climbing of any fence and is ideal for chainlink, welded mesh or razor wire coil fences of any height.

How These Additions Complement The Electric Guard Dog Fence

The Electric Guard Dog Fence is more than AMAROK’s flagship perimeter security solution. It’s the foundation of a strong and reliable physical security system.

When it comes to securing your business, an integrated, multilayered system works best for effective property protection. For example, Sentinels are ideal for responding to attempts when paired with other solutions, alerting you immediately when and where an intruder is trying to strike.

Our vegetation management solutions give potential criminals fewer places to hide during their breach attempts. They also help support the Electric Guard Dog fence’s proper function and performance.

Advantages of a Layered Security Approach

Taking a multilevel approach to your perimeter security is the most effective path to more robust protection.

  • Integrated Systems

Each component of your security strategy works together while having a specific function. For example, combining commercial motion detectors with automated lighting can scare a thief off by creating unwanted attention. Having more than one solution helps address the various threats existing which provides holistic, straightforward management.

  • Criminal Deterrence

These system parts collaborate to deter entry, by creating more time for detection and response. Plus, numerous deterrents make it far more likely that a thief will avoid your property altogether.

  • Fewer Gaps

When each solution fulfills different needs, you have far fewer gaps in your overall protection. Clever criminals may quickly try a new tactic if the first isn’t immediately successful. Without a layered approach, these thieves may find an exploitable gap if given enough time.

  • Industry Compliance

Investing in powerful physical security measures is a must. For example, data centers often require perimeter fencing to meet their obligations under consumer privacy regulations. Some industries have local or state laws centered on access control that they must abide by. A layered approach can help these businesses stay compliant with confidence.

  • Peace of Mind

A multilevel system gives you increased confidence in your property’s perimeter security. You can enjoy time off-site knowing you’ve devised an end-to-end strategy capable of stopping determined thieves in several ways.

Ready to Increase Layered Security With AMAROK?

Get expert advice on the best perimeter security products and services for your business’s property. We’ll help you devise the ideal solution based on your site and industry’s unique risks.