Perimeter Security for
Auto Services

Americans are keeping their cars longer, with the average edging up to 12.5 years in 2023. Further, some vehicles enjoy life spans of over 20 years. Both mean greater demand for repairs. Protect your customers’ vehicles and the parts and tools you need to service them with an integrated perimeter security solution from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing for Auto Repair & Service Centers

Theft is typically a crime of opportunity. Would-be burglars look for soft targets — dark, deserted locations with easy-to-breach security. They can cut through a chain-link fence in minutes or drive through a closed bay door in seconds.

AMAROK helps you stop these breaches with robust electric fencing for auto repair businesses. The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence deters would-be criminals in three ways. The fencing creates an imposing physical barrier with its 10-foot height and warning signs. Attempted entry results in a legal and medically safe electric shock and triggers attention-capturing lights and alarms to drive intruders off.

Enhanced Security Solutions for Auto Service Centers

The ideal security system for auto services goes beyond a powerful physical barrier. That’s why AMAROK collaborates with you to create integrated, multilayer approaches based on property-specific risks. Ensure complete coverage and 24/7 vigilance with around-the-clock professional video surveillance. Consider protecting structures within your grounds against unauthorized entry with building intrusion detection. We can also provide a range of fence enhancements, from additional access control to ground wire monitoring and vegetation management services.

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Why Auto Service Facilities

Need Perimeter Security

Auto service facilities are attractive to thieves because of the potential for multiple targets. They can steal entire vehicles or the goods contained within them. Similarly, they can quickly profit from expensive servicing tools or in-demand black-market parts, like catalytic converters and common powertrain controllers.

Reported cases of dealership auto theft and service facilities in 2022
Average number of catalytic converter thefts each month
$ 0 K
Average annual savings with AMAROK versus other security measures


Cars left for repairs are targets for theft of valuable, easily removed parts like catalytic converters. Your expensive parts inventory, tools and machinery are at risk, too.


Loss of parts or equipment can cripple your ability to make repairs and interrupt your income stream for weeks. Your reputation may also suffer. One bad online review can cost you dozens of new customers.


Insurance may reimburse most of your losses, but you’re still on the hook for deductibles, and your premiums will go up at renewal.

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How AMAROK Effectively Secures Auto Service Properties

A practical perimeter security solution can protect your assets, customer belongings and your business’s reputation. It may also help you lower your insurance premiums and prevent time spent filing claims after incidents.

We help you achieve these outcomes through a tailored approach to your unique risks. From surveillance to intrusion detection and access control, AMAROK’s solutions help eliminate security gaps and promote visibility across your grounds. Our integrated security systems empower your business to deter, identify and respond to threats faster and more effectively.

AMAROK is a Proven Perimeter Security Partner

AMAROK is the smarter approach to perimeter security that stops 99% of external theft. We work with businesses like yours on customizable and integrated auto service security solutions that create organizational value through:

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Every stolen part or piece of equipment makes a dent in your bottom line. Avoid costly losses and business interruptions with proven deterrence at your perimeter. Our specialists have the jurisdictional insight and industry expertise to help you gain peace of mind. Talk to an AMAROK expert to design the security solution that’s right for your business.