Perimeter Security for Government Facilities

Police, emergency vehicles, and school buses are vital to your community’s safety and well-being. They’re also prime targets for theft and vandalism. Protect your government fleet, storage, and city repair facilities with enhanced perimeter security from AMAROK.


Integrated Electric Fencing for
Government Vehicle Facilities

Chain-link fences can be breached by thieves in minutes. Once inside, they can quickly strip your fleet of valuable components, like catalytic converters, rendering your vehicles inoperable. AMAROK’s flagship full-perimeter electric fence deters criminals with three powerful layers of defense – an intimidating barrier, a strong electric shock, and alarms & lights.


Vehicle Lot Security Enhancements

Enhance and customize your perimeter security solution with these additional services.



  • Video surveillance
  • Zoned perimeter detection
  • Access control
  • Building intrusion detection
  • Vegetation control

Why Government Facilitiess

Need Strong Perimeter Security

2 Minutes or less is all the time it takes to remove 1 catalytic converter
$ 0 K
Cost to replace 19 stolen catalytic converters at one school district
$ 0 K
Average annual savings with AMAROK


Out-of-service vehicles hamper police/emergency response.



Inoperable buses cause students to be late or miss school.


Costly repairs and increased insurance rates divert taxpayer dollars from other critical government functions.

See How AMAROK Protects

Government Fleets

Just Like Yours

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A Smarter Approach to Perimeter Security

AMAROK makes perimeter security easy, reliable and cost-effective.  

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • Theft prevention that achieves ROI.

Talk to a Tire Warehouse Perimeter Security Expert

If you want to stay competitive and profitable, you can’t afford to ignore warehouse security. The best security starts at your perimeter. If you keep thieves out, you can keep inventory and profits from rolling out the door. Talk to an AMAROK expert to design the security solution that’s right for your business.