Perimeter Security for
Government Facilities

Police, emergency vehicles and school buses are vital to your community’s safety and well-being. When parked in a lot, they’re also prime targets for theft and vandalism. Protect your government fleet, storage and city repair facilities with enhanced perimeter security from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing for
Government Vehicle Facilities

Traditional chain-link fences are easy to breach and barbed-wire fences can easily be cut, allowing criminals to access your lot in minutes. Once inside, they can quickly strip your fleet of valuable components, like catalytic converters, rendering your vehicles inoperable. AMAROK’s flagship full-perimeter electric fence deters criminals with several powerful layers of defense — an intimidating barrier, a strong electric shock, alarms and lights.

Vehicle Lot Security Enhancements

Enhance and customize your perimeter security solution with these additional services.

Why Your Government Facility

Needs Strong Perimeter Security

Government vehicles play a vital role in our society, from fighting crime to providing critical community services. Police cars are an especially valuable asset, as they can reach spots where crimes are in progress and patrol our streets.  Similarly, emergency vehicles are also critical components to the smooth running of the health care system. 

2 Minutes or less is all the time it takes to remove 1 catalytic converter
$ 0 K
Cost to replace 19 stolen catalytic converters at one school district
$ 0 K
Average annual savings with AMAROK


When police and emergency service vehicles are out of service due to theft and damage, it hampers response time. This delay leaves the safety of citizens at risk.


Buses that have been stripped of critical components are unable to take children to school. In these cases, children are often left with no choice but to be late or miss a school day. 


Theft and damage cause an increase in insurance fees and costly repairs. Consequently, taxpayers must compensate for the rise in costs, shifting funds from other critical public services and functions.

How AMAROK Solves Challenges in the Public Sector

Vehicle fleets in the public sector are some of your government facility’s most critical assets. Fleets are often vulnerable, as the size of most lots provides ample places for criminals to hide and steal parts. When thieves take critical components like catalytic converters, you’ll have no choice but to replace them, costing you thousands and lessening your resources.

Comprehensive government facility security solutions can protect your fleet of vehicles. The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence shocks with 7,000 volts, and our FORTIFEYE™  is a solution that integrates cameras with electric fencing. It provides an added “detection” layer allowing verification of attempted breaches. Benefits are cutting down on false alarms, increased police response times, and added peace of mind. AMAROK’s security alarms feature bright LED lighting and blaring sirens, something criminals will think twice about setting off.

See How AMAROK Protects

Government Fleets

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A Smarter Approach to Perimeter Security

When you partner with AMAROK, perimeter security is made easy, reliable, and cost-effective:

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • Our team installs theft prevention that achieves ROI.

We're Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

AMAROK does more than just install perimeter security for your government facility. We stand by you with our security as a service model. You can arrange to install our electric fence immediately because you don’t pay an initial amount upfront. You’ll start paying a manageable monthly service fee after installation is complete. The monthly fee includes ongoing repairs, maintenance, and lifetime upgrades to ensure your government security system continues to deter potential criminals.

Our in-house government relations and compliance team will ensure the installation is fully compliant with state regulations by handling any permits needed for the fence. Once we install your security perimeter, we’ll train you to manage the system and provide ongoing client support for any additional assistance you need. 

Talk to a Government Vehicle Fleet Perimeter Security Expert

To keep critical services functioning in the community, consider installing our electric fencing for government facilities. The best security starts at your perimeter. If you keep thieves out, you can keep inventory and parts from rolling out the door. Talk to an AMAROK expert to design the right security solution for your government fleet facility.