Commercial Perimeter Detection Systems

As business theft levels rise, detecting and responding to a perimeter breach quickly is vital. Swift reactions boost the chances of apprehending would-be criminals and minimizing the potential damage they can do. Catch intruders at first touch with high-sensitive perimeter detection that helps you act fast in the event of an attempted intrusion.

Detect Activity
Anywhere on Your Perimeter

Transform your fence line into a powerful solution with AMAROK. Deploy our perimeter detection sensors at critical points and enjoy protection that can span your entire fence line. This technology integrates with any height of existing mesh, chainlink, palisade and razor-wire fences and alerts the instant it detects a would-be intrusion.

Perimeter Detection that Knows What to Look For

Conventional approaches to perimeter detection face many challenges. False alarms, incomplete information and gaps in the strategy often lead to delayed responses that worsen the impact of an intrusion.

AMAROK perimeter threat detection is smarter than other traditional detection systems. With proper calibration, they won’t trip when the weather kicks up. Plus, we install each section with an end-of-line termination box that prevents tampering or bypassing. 

  • Implemented in zones that can extend up to 1,000 feet
  • Single wire can sense up to 10 ft. in height
  • 22 levels of sensitivity settings per zone
  • Wires can be linked to work together for higher and/or longer fences
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment for environmental conditions

Benefits of AMAROK Commercial Perimeter Detection Systems

AMAROK’s fence intrusion detection system offers many benefits for your perimeter security strategy.

Measurable Results

We install detection systems with a history of proven results. Our systems are effective physical reminders that deter would-be criminals from even attempting a break-in. When they see a sign declaring you’ve protected the space with AMAROK, they know you take your security seriously.

These systems have realized significant money savings for our customers by helping deter and stop crime at their businesses. They spend less replacing stolen goods while protecting their reputations. Additionally, many have reported lower insurance premiums with less claims activity.

Alert Confidence

Our perimeter detection solution features innovative engineering for sensing precision. We offer 22 separate sensitivity levels set to meet the unique needs of your site and accurately classify potential events. We’ve also integrated advanced technology with a weather station that compensates for moisture and wind. These features allow the system to adjust automatically as environmental conditions change.

Timely Responses

The AMAROK approach includes robust commercial outdoor perimeter sensors that detect fence climbing, lifting and cutting. They notify you at the first intent, so you can respond as quickly as possible to help mitigate the risk of loss. Embedded sensors also provide exceptional real-time location accuracy of a potential breach.

Multilayer Security

A layered physical security strategy is the most effective, with each level playing its role in protection. Our perimeter detection system integrates with other AMAROK solutions to help support each principle of your property’s physical security — deter, delay, detect and respond.

Take the Smarter Approach to Perimeter Detection

Get in touch with your local AMAROK rep today and discuss perimeter detection options that can prevent theft on your property.