Perimeter Detection Systems

Catch intruders at first touch with high-sensitive perimeter detection that helps you act fast in the event of an attempted intrusion.

Detect Activity
Anywhere on Your Perimeter

Turn your fence into a highly-sensitive, crime-stopping perimeter detection system with AMAROK. Our perimeter detection system detects cutting or climbing of any fence and is ideal for chainlink, welded mesh or razor wire coil fences of any height.

Perimeter Detection that Knows What to Look For

AMAROK perimeter detection is smarter than a traditional detection system. With proper calibration, they won’t trip when the weather kicks up. Plus, each section is installed with an end-of-line termination box that prevents tampering or bypassing.

  • Implemented in zones that can extend up to 1,000 feet
  • Single wire can sense up to 10 ft. in height
  • 22 levels of sensitivity settings per zone
  • Wires can be linked to work together for higher and/or longer fences
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment for environmental conditions

Take the Smarter Approach to Perimeter Detection

Get in touch with your local AMAROK rep today and discuss perimeter detection options that can prevent theft on your property.