Security Solutions for the
Rental Car Industry

Approximately 30,000 rental cars are stolen each year. Protect your auto rental assets with a highly effective integrated electric fencing solution from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing for
Auto Rentals

Protect your cars and keep rentals rolling with an integrated electric fencing solution from AMAROK. Our flagship full-perimeter electric fence helps you deter criminals and guard your rental cars with three powerful layers of defense in one – an intimidating barrier, a shocking deterrent, and intrusion alarms and lights.

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Enhanced Perimeter Security Solutions for Auto Rental Businesses

Create a perimeter security solution for your auto rental business with enhanced security measures like 24-hour surveillance and intrusion detection.

  • Video surveillance
  • Zoned perimeter detection
  • Access control
  • Building intrusion detection
  • Vegetation control

Why Car Rental Companies

Need Perimeter Security

Your business should have an effective security system for auto rentals as its critical first line of defense against thieves and vandals. Having an electric fence around your lot can help deter criminals looking to:

  • Steal your inventory.

  • Damage your merchandise.
  • Take catalytic converters and other valuable parts.

Rental cars are a particularly sought-after target, so taking action to protect your business is essential.

Rental cars are stolen every year
0 K
The average value of a stolen car
$ 0 K


Rental car agencies are high value targets for organized crime rings which regularly seek out new vehicle inventory.


Agencies lose income on every stolen vehicle until they can replace it – which supply issues have made harder to predict.


Criminals will keep returning to where they’ve had success, leading to greater losses and higher insurance premiums.

How AMAROK Solves Challenges in the Auto Rental Industry

The auto rental industry is particularly susceptible to criminal activity. In fact, rental car agencies are high-value targets for thieves and organized crime rings, which regularly seek out new vehicle inventory. Finding effective security solutions is a must to protect your merchandise and keep your operation in business.

Your agency loses valuable income every time a car is stolen off your lot. With complicated supply chains and unpredictable delays, replacing stolen vehicles or parts can take a huge financial toll on your business. Plus, criminals will keep returning to where they’ve had success, leading to greater losses and higher insurance premiums. 

With security solutions from AMAROK, your auto rental business can safeguard its inventory and protect its most valuable investments. A 10-foot-high electric barrier harnessing 7,000 volts of electricity can effectively deter unwanted trespassers from your property. Our loud security alarms and ultra-bright lights will help scare off criminals should they dare to breach the perimeter. With top-notch video surveillance solutions, your business can monitor its premises from anywhere. 

An electric chain link fence surrounding a parking lot

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The Total Perimeter Security Solution for Auto Rental Lots

AMAROK handles all maintenance and servicing of perimeter security for your auto rental business.

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • Theft prevention that achieves ROI.

We're Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

When you secure your auto rental lot’s perimeter with solutions from AMAROK, your business can reap many benefits. Explore some of the perks of having top-tier electric fencing:

  • No upfront costs: Unlike many security system providers, AMAROK won’t charge you for installation costs. Don’t worry about any upfront costs. You’ll simply pay one manageable monthly subscription fee for the coverage you need.
  • Maintenance and repair services included: A massive advantage of working with AMAROK is having all your maintenance and repair services included in your subscription. If your system requires attention, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs. In the unlikely event you need service, simply call and AMAROK dispatches your local technician to your location.
  • Savings on security staff: When you hire an around-the-clock security guard, you can expect to pay about $120,000 a year. With AMAROK solutions, you can save a significant amount of money on a security staff.
  • A return on your investment: Many of our customers see an especially quick return on investment. In fact, customers who opted for The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence on a large number of properties reported an ROI of $3 for every dollar spent.
  • Referral incentives: When you refer someone to AMAROK and they choose to install our solutions on their property, you can receive $1,00. This is part of our referral incentive program.

Frequently Asked Questions

AMAROK’s electric fences for car rental companies are designed to deliver a safe, but memorable electric shock to deter intruders.

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for car rental companies provide comprehensive protection against theft, unauthorized access, and potential damage to the rental fleet. Utilizing features such as electric fences, video surveillance, and access control, AMAROK aims to create a secure environment for rental vehicles.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by car rental companies, AMAROK provides customizable perimeter security options. A dedicated representative works closely with you to conduct on-site assessments, identify security risks, and develop a tailored strategy.

Security challenges for car rental companies stem from the large number of unattended vehicles present, creating opportunities for theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access. The protection of the rental fleet and the prevention of damage or theft are crucial considerations.

To gain a deeper understanding of AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for car rental companies, contact a local AMAROK representative. These representatives are well-equipped to provide detailed information, conduct on-site assessments, and guide you through our process.

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