Perimeter Security for
Auto Auction Lots

Invest in perimeter security for auto auction sites and repair facilities. AMAROK offers a complete solution to keep your valuable assets safe.

Integrated Electric Fencing for
Auto Auction Lots

Auto auction properties are prime targets for criminals. Keep criminals off the property with electric fencing for car auction locations. Our fences serve as a physical barrier to discourage entry. If anyone tries to enter, they’ll receive a safe but memorable shock and trigger the alarm systems. This multi-layer defense keeps cars and repair equipment safe.

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Enhanced Security Solutions for Auto Auctions

Each auto auction lot faces unique security threats. That’s why AMAROK provides customizable security solutions with a range of adaptable features, including:

  • Cameras

    Keep an eye on your fence with a range of camera systems.
  • Alarms

    Loud sounds and flashing lights can scare criminals away.
  • Maintenance

    Keep the area around your fence clear with vegetation control. 

Why Auto Auctions

Need Perimeter Security

Car auctions make up a large and profitable market in the United States, but thieves often take advantage of the extensive inventory of cars, stealing vehicles, parts, or even repair equipment. The perimeter security solutions provided by AMAROK address the many challenges faced by those in the auto auction industry.

We make it easier for you to keep intruders out and monitor your property for potential security threats. Improve your profits and workplace safety by installing our security systems for car auctions.


Cars are auctioned in the U.S. each year
0 M
In annual auto auction sales each year
$ 0 B


Auction facilities span hundreds of acres and often have cars arriving every hour. Site size and constant activity allow for easy, unseen entry. Electric fences and alarms ensure you notice any uninvited visitors.


Repair and reconditioning facilities house valuable tools and machinery. Stolen infrastructure can grind business to a halt and ruin your reputation. Restricting access to your lots prevents break-ins at your auto repair shops.


Cars held in inventory house many valuable parts, like catalytic converters. Organized crime rings use these parts to fund their activities. An in-depth perimeter security solution can keep even the most determined criminals away from your high-value parts.

AMAROK Protects

Auto Auction Properties

Just Like Yours

Many auto auction property owners come to us after experiencing several instances of vandalism or costly thefts. After installing our solutions, they experience far less theft and greater peace of mind.

Customers appreciate our services because we support your security solutions before, during and after installation. We’re happy to answer questions, make changes or perform repairs.

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Smarter Approach to Auto Auction Perimeter Security

AMAROK offers perimeter security as a service. This model means you won’t pay any upfront costs for security installation. You only pay an affordable monthly service fee. This amount covers repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. You’ll have the services you need to keep your auto auction lot protected from criminals. 

We also protect against liability with a medically safe shock backed by our liability guarantee. Our teams bring extensive knowledge to deal with all safety and compliance guidelines, including local regulations. We’re available 24/7 to answer questions and offer support for your security system. 

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a routine monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • Theft prevention that achieves ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

AMAROK’s electric fences for auto auctions are designed to deliver a safe, but memorable electric shock to deter intruders.

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for auto auction parking lots offer comprehensive protection against crimes such as theft and vandalism. By implementing measures like electric fences, video surveillance, and access control, AMAROK aims to create a secure environment for the parked vehicles.

Auto auction parking lots face security challenges due to the temporary nature of vehicle storage during auction events. With a high turnover of vehicles, many are left unattended, making them potential targets for theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by auto auction parking lots, AMAROK offers customizable perimeter security options. An AMAROK representative works closely with auto auction organizers to conduct on-site assessments, identify security risks, and develop a tailored strategy.

To gain a deeper understanding of our perimeter security solutions for auto auction parking lots, contact a local AMAROK representative. Our representatives are well-equipped to provide detailed information, conduct on-site assessments, and guide you through our process.

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