Commercial & Industrial Video Surveillance Systems

Deter crime and capture compelling evidence against would-be intruders with video surveillance solutions from AMAROK. Our video monitoring packages are the perfect add-on to The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence.

Comprehensive Video Surveillance + The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence

  • Add more layers of security and peace of mind to your perimeter security solution

  • Capture criminal activity in real-time

  • Access and analyze footage anywhere you have internet

  • Review and share footage with law enforcement
  • Monitor your video surveillance yourself or let AMAROK monitor for you 24/7/365

Build Your Custom Video Surveillance Solution

AMAROK incorporates a full suite of security cameras covering a diverse range of capabilities. Click each camera for details.

  • 2 MP Fixed Camera

    2 MP Fixed Camera

    2.8mm fixed lens

    300' infrared visibility with illuminators

    Limited handoff to PTZ

  • 6MP Fisheye

    6MP Fisheye

    Full Analytics

    1.6mm fixed lens

    300' Infrared visibility with illuminators

    360-degree view with dewarping

  • 55x Zoom PTZ

    55x Zoom PTZ

    Full Analytics

    4.75mm-261.4mm lens

    1640' Infrared visibility

    Integrated handoff

  • 5 MP Fixed Camera

    5 MP Fixed Camera

    Full analytics

    3.7mm fixed lens

    300' Infrared visibility with illuminators

    Integrated handoff to PTZ

  • 12x Zoom PTZ

    12x Zoom PTZ

    Full Analytics

    5.2mm-62.4mm lens

    300' Infrared visibility with illuminators

    Limited handoff

  • Thermal


    Full analytics

    35mm fixed lens

    Human recognition up to 1,000'

    Integrated handoff to PTZ

Talk to an AMAROK expert for help selecting the most effective combination of cameras to meet your site’s unique challenges.

Monitor Your Perimeter 24/7. From Anywhere.

AMAROK is Always Watching

When an alarm triggers, your cameras spring into action, recording criminal activity to a live feed. AMAROK uses real-time remote video monitoring to verify alarms, helping ensure law enforcement have what they need to respond.

Add Mobile Monitoring to Your Security Solution

AMAROK’s video surveillance can be managed from your mobile device or by our central security professionals. Get an instant visual of your property and up to the minute alerts, no matter where you are.

Start Monitoring Your Perimeter Today

Whatever you need to protect, and wherever you need to protect it, you can talk to an AMAROK electric fencing and video surveillance expert familiar with your region and jurisdictional needs.