Perimeter Security for Collision and Repair Centers

Protect vehicles, parts, accessories, and the tools used to maintain them with an integrated perimeter security solution for collision centers from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing
for Collision and Repair Center Lots

Criminals often consider collision centers as easy targets for theft due to the hundreds of spare parts and repair equipment on their lots. Protect the vehicles on your lot and the tools used to fix them with an integrated electric fencing solution from AMAROK. Our flagship full-perimeter electric fence helps you deter theft and losses with several powerful layers of defense in one — an intimidating barrier, a shocking deterrent, alarms and lights.

Enhanced Security Solutions for 
Collision Centers

Create the perfect perimeter security solution for your vehicle dismantling and recycling business with enhanced security measures like 24-hour surveillance and intrusion detection.

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Why Collision Centers

Need Perimeter Security

The collision and repair industry is vulnerable to theft due to having various automotive parts that are easy to transport. Also, collision center lots are often enormous, containing blind spots that make it easier for criminals to hide. Prevent loss and damage to your expensive inventory by providing a visual and physical deterrent to criminals with bold signs and electric fencing.

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All the automotive parts on your lot can easily be stolen and refurbished or resold, even if they’re not in working order. Your inventory is valuable and sensitive to theft and further damage.


Cars that have been in accidents and need repair come to you, so your repair equipment is at the heart of your business. If these items are stolen or damaged, it can result in costly delays that affect your bottom line.


Costly downtime and repair fees can leave you taking money out of your profits or increasing your prices. Also, if customers end up waiting for service or you cannot resell your stock in time, the reputation and future of your business can be affected.

How AMAROK Solves Challenges in the Collision and Repair Industry

Because collision centers provide the vehicle parts necessary for customers to repair or replace their cars, these lots contain thousands of expensive repair and service equipment. With plenty of vehicles side by side, thieves can steal your inventory while remaining undetected. Your repair equipment is equally at risk, and losses can climb into the thousands.

AMAROK provides the Electric Guard Dog™ Fence to supply you with full-perimeter security. The fence comes with visible wiring and emits 7000 volts of electricity. Criminals don’t like attention, and our alarm Sentinels help deter them by blasting an ear-piercing siren while flooding your property with bright LED lights. Complete your comprehensive protection with FORTIFEYE™ surveillance cameras, allowing you visual access to any blind spots on your property.

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Smarter Approach to Collision Center Perimeter Security

AMAROK handles all maintenance and servicing of perimeter security for your collision center and surrounding facilities.

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • You get theft prevention that achieves ROI.

We're Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

We stay with you through the entire process with our security as a service model. You pay no upfront costs when you install your electric fence, only an easy-to-manage monthly subscription fee once the installation is complete. The fee is all-inclusive and you receive ongoing repair and maintenance service. We also supply lifetime upgrades to your security system, ensuring it remains in optimal condition.

There’s no need for you to secure permitting, as our governmental relations and compliance team will do this for you. Once we successfully install your perimeter fence, we will instruct you so that you know how to manage your new collision center security solution. You also get ongoing customer support for additional queries or issues you may have.

Talk to a Collision and Repair Center Perimeter Security Expert

If you run a collision center or a body shop, effective perimeter security should be a top priority. Protect your profits and your reputation. Talk to a local security expert in your area.