Commercial Sentinel
Alarm Systems

Prevent attempted break-ins with ear-splitting alarms and blaring lights that activate if someone interferes with The Electric Guard Dog™ fence. The AMAROK Sentinel security alert system provides evidence of a potential intrusion and adds an extra line of audible and visual defense to your most vulnerable perimeter points and remote areas.

Draw Additional Attention to Critical Areas

Intruders hate attention. Protect your property with strategically placed Sentinels to bring extra attention to areas thieves are most likely to target, like remote corners and gates. When your perimeter goes into alarm, Sentinels send intruders running with ear-piercing sirens, flashing powerful LED floodlights. We can install Sentinels as stand-alone units or integrate them with the poles of The Electric Guard Dog Fence.

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Benefits of the Commercial Sentinel Alarm System

AMAROK helps you achieve ultimate perimeter security with a multilevel commercial business alarm system. Our Sentinels deliver value through three critical physical security functions.


Discouraging crime is one of the cornerstones of a successful security strategy, but it takes more than a few cameras to keep your business safe from theft. The Sentinel works around the clock to ward off intruders. The extra attention that our Sentinels provide is enough to scare off even the most determined criminal, making them an excellent deterrent.


By helping prevent crime in real time, the Sentinel provides effective protection for your business's assets. That includes your equipment, infrastructure, property and the people who visit or occupy it. Dark or remote areas and site obstacles are no match for these units. They easily deploy in locations that other security measures would find challenging to safeguard successfully.


One of the primary issues with traditional security methods is the response delay they often create. If your team spends time chasing down false alerts, it can desensitize them to real threats and prompt them to act less urgently when an alarm triggers. Another familiar challenge is systems that don't accurately display the location of an unauthorized access attempt, causing longer response times. The Sentinel resolves both by alarming only when an authentic incident is in progress. This feature enables faster interaction that can help limit loss and property damage.

See the Sentinel in Action

When triggered by a potential breach, the Sentinel responds with immediate noise and light. This response alerts you to an intruder’s presence and helps illuminate a high-risk area when a break-in is attempted. It also surprises criminals with the unwanted attention they’re desperately trying to avoid, encouraging them to flee instead. Watch this brief video to see and hear the Sentinel in action!

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Technical Specifications

AMAROK’s Sentinels feature four theft-deterrent commercial lights and an attention-getting red-and-blue LED light bar. We engineer these with the same convenient photovoltaic panels as our Electric Guard Dog Fence — reliable solar power that allows for flexible installation locations and no increased electric bill.

Our Sentinel solutions also meet industry noise regulations to support your business’s compliance.

Add Powerful Audio and Visual Deterrents to Your Perimeter

Get in touch with your local AMAROK rep today and discuss how to place Sentinels around your property to stop intruders from the start.