Sentinel Security Alert System

Prevent attempted break-ins with ear-splitting alarms and blaring lights that trigger in the event The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence
is tampered with.

Draw Extra Attention to
Where It’s Needed Most

Intruders hate attention. Arm your property with strategically placed Sentinels to bring extra attention to areas thieves are most likely to target, like remote corners and gates. When your perimeter goes into alarm, Sentinels blare ear-splitting sirens and flash powerful LED lights, sending intruders running. Sentinels can be built as standalone units or integrated with the poles of The Electric Guard Dog Fence.

See the Sentinel

in Action

Amarok Sentinal Video Thumbnail
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Add Powerful Audio & Visual Deterrents to Your Perimeter

Get in touch with your local AMAROK rep today and discuss how to place Sentinels around your property to stop intruders from the start.