Building Intrusion Detection Systems

Get instant alerts for intrusion attempts into offices, warehouses and other buildings on your property with an intrusion detection solution from AMAROK, the leaders in integrated perimeter security.

Safeguard Vulnerable Buildings
with Integrated Intrusion Detection

An integrated security solution goes deeper than the perimeter. After securing your perimeter with one of our electric fencing solutions, you need to protect your on-site structures. Deny access to weak points like doors and windows with wireless motion detection, door contacts and glass-break protection.

Put Vigilance In Your Back Pocket

AMAROK’s intrusion detection systems come standard with helpful features that make your entire property more secure. Plus, you can connect your system to our mobile app to monitor any alerts 24/7, no matter where you are.

  • Limits building access to authorized personnel only, during or after business hours
  • Protects any entry point with a motion, glass-break, or door contact that alarm separately
  • Ability to add surveillance cameras for alarm verification and remote video monitoring
  • Receives notifications via the easy-to-use phone app
  • Logs entry and exit times of authorized employees who access your business

Download the Total Connect 2.0 App to get intrusion alerts through your mobile device.

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Building Intrusion Detection Devices

Motion Detectors

Our motion detectors come with dual technology for enhanced detection and minimal false alarms. They are able to detect motion up to a range of 50 ft.

Door Contacts

When armed, door contacts detect when a door opens. They include built-in magnetic read switch and a wired closed circuit contact loop. Indoor, outdoor and overload door options are available to meet your site requirements.

Add Building Intrusion Detection Today

Talk to an AMAROK security and monitoring expert to get set up with an around-the-clock building intrusion detection system. Protect your vulnerable buildings.