Perimeter Security for RV Storage Facilities

Motorhomes and other recreational vehicles (RVs) comprise almost $60 billion of America’s gross domestic product each year. Don’t let theft reduce your share. Protect your facility with enhanced perimeter security from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing
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While RV thefts from dealerships account for 6% of all vehicle thefts. More commonly, thieves steal catalytic converters and other easily removable parts and contents. One break-in could cripple your sales while you wait for new parts and repairs.

Storage facilities are targets, too. Even if your contract contains disclaimers, you could be sued for theft or damage if your security measures aren’t as advertised.

Safeguard your investment and reputation with an integrated electric fencing solution from AMAROK. Our flagship, full-perimeter Electric Guard Dog™ Fence deters criminals with three powerful layers of defense – an intimidating barrier, a medically safe but memorable shock, and alarms & lights.

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Enhanced Security Solutions for RV Facilities

AMAROK offers additional services to customize and enhance your perimeter security, including:

Why RV Facilities

Need Perimeter Security

Motorhomes are high-value items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so RV storage facilities are a target of thieves. Criminals may try to vandalize motorhomes or steal valuable parts from RVs, like satellite equipment, catalytic converters, TVs, and radios. Perimeter security for RV storage helps protect your customers’ possessions and instills confidence in your company. AMAROK has many security solutions available to enhance your protection.

Increase in catalytic converter thefts between 2020 and 2021
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Acres of ground and dozens of large vehicles make it hard to spot intruders.


Theft of vehicles, parts and tools can leave your sales and service staff idling or cause you to close until replacements come.


Customers are unlikely to buy from or seek service at facilities known to have been targeted by thieves.

AMAROK Protects RV Facilities With Electric Fencing and More

Break-ins, vandalism, theft, and other illegal activities can harm your reputation or cause you to lose customers and revenue. Protect your facility with security systems for RV storage from AMAROK. We have worked with several motorhome storage businesses to keep their assets safe — hear from our satisfied customers to learn more.

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Why Choose AMAROK for RV Storage Security Solutions?

AMAROK is an experienced security solutions provider dedicated to helping motorhome storage facilities enhance their security and protect their customers’ vehicles. RV storage businesses who work with us to customize your security solutions will benefit from:

Frequently Asked Questions

AMAROK’s electric fences for RV storage facilities are designed to deliver a safe, but memorable electric shock to deter intruders.

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for RV storage facilities offer comprehensive protection against theft, unauthorized access, and potential damage to valuable recreational vehicles. With features like electric fences, video surveillance, and access control, AMAROK aims to create a secure environment for stored assets.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by RV storage facilities, AMAROK provides customizable perimeter security options. A dedicated representative works closely with you to conduct on-site assessments, identify security risks, and develop a tailored strategy.

Security challenges in RV storage facilities arise from the high value of recreational vehicles they store, creating opportunities for theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

To gain a deeper understanding of how AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions can be customized for RV storage facilities, contact a local AMAROK representative. Our representatives are well-equipped to provide detailed information, conduct on-site assessments, and guide you through our process.

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