Putting the Power of Your Perimeter
into Your Hands

The ROK is AMAROK’s online customer support portal for fast, easy communication with our service team 24/7.

The ROK - Customer Portal

Make Better Decisions About Your Security with Real-Time Data

Easy to use, easy to sign up—AMAROK’s Customer Portal, The ROK, comes with everything you need to manage your site’s perimeter security with ease.
Access your site data from any device, no matter where you are.

Manage Your Security

The ROK is an efficient online platform to help you protect your commercial property and business assets. It provides you with:

  • “At-a-Glance” dashboard
  • Real-time call list updates
  • Check alarm status and fence utilization
  • Ability to manage The ROK users and their access

Fast, Easy Communication

Communicating with our Customer CARE Team has never been easier.

  • Schedule a work order
  • Access to billing and invoicing
  • Request new or upgrade to locations
  • Visibility into your open items
  • Sign up for fence/intrusion text or email alerts
  • Submit issues to support

Always Secure

Manage your business needs with 24/7 access.

  • Access to standard reports
  • Gain information on the latest security solutions and industry information
  • Schedule ‘automatic’ reports and distribution lists
  • Download reports in .pdf or .csv format
  • Focused service history
  • Additional search parameters

NOTE: The ROK is not a replacement for the Total Connect App.

Be in Control of Your Perimeter – Sign Up Today

AMAROK’s customer portal is a one-stop-shop that gives you all the flexibility you need to manage your security all in one place.

It gives you the option to request a service call by sending your work order request directly to our scheduler (bypassing Customer CARE) for even faster service.

You can track work orders through to completion and view the technician’s service notes. You can also view your user access and call lists while also giving you access to reporting, service status, security updates, and more all in one place!

THE ROK enhances your AMAROK service by providing real-time visibility into your system, data insights, and direct access to the AMAROK team.

Unleash the Power of Your Perimeter with These Key Features:

Calendar Icon

Schedule a Work Order:

Schedule a work order with a technician directly from the ROK. This feature will bypass the administrative tasks within service & support and go straight to scheduling for faster turnaround.

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Manage Your Call List:

Ability to make real-time changes to your call list, determine the method and priority of the contact, and ability to add, edit or remove users.

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Enhanced Reporting:

Set up automatic/scheduled reports and distribution lists ranging from fence utilization/intrusion to all activity at each site. Filter, sort and download reports in .pdf or .csv formats and their activities.

Sign up for the ROK

AMAROK’s Customer Support Portal

The ROK is our new customer portal for fast, easy communication with our customer service team 24/7. The ROK also allows you to access site data from any device, no matter where you are. Register for The ROK today to get peace of mind.