Electric Fencing Enhancements & Security Add-Ons

Customize your perimeter security solution with a wide range of security add-ons that enhance your ability to protect assets and prevent theft.

Angled Fencing

Prevent thieves from tossing goods over the fence to an accomplice with our angled fencing add-on. With angled fencing, the top two feet of The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence are installed at a 45-degree, inward angle.

Gate Auto Arming

Our gate auto-arming function works with roll, swing, manual, or automatic gates. All you have to do is close the gate and walk away. The gate arms automatically, so you don’t have to rely on the last person out to remember the code.

Remote Arming

Did you remember to arm your fence? With the remote arming add-on, you won’t have to worry. Arm your system, no matter where you are, with our Total Connect 2.0 app. This app allows you to arm, disarm and check the status of your perimeter anywhere, anytime.

Lay Down Fencing

Prevent intruders from digging under your fence with lay-down fencing. This angled extension of the lower portion of the fence greatly increases the distance between intruders and access to your property. Eliminate theft by digging.

Vegetation Control

All AMAROK customers can benefit from our partnership with professional landscape maintenance companies to ensure your perimeter fence line is clear of vegetation and The Electric Guard Dog Fence is functioning properly. Vegetation control services include the initial clearing and removal of vegetation as well as the ongoing maintenance of vegetation along the fence line.


Draw extra attention to potential intruders with Sentinels from AMAROK. These stand alone alarm systems are perfect for drawing extra attention to darker or more at-risk areas on your property. If your fence goes into alarm, Sentinels will start sounding sirens and flooding the area with light thanks to powerful LED lights.

Ground Wire Monitoring

Know immediately if a fence ground wire has been disconnected with ground wire monitoring. This feature allows you to detect when your system is being tampered with and prevents savvy intruders from disarming your system.

Day Mode

Prevent theft and tampering even during business hours with our Day Mode add-on. This feature allows you to keep your fence pulsing at 1,000 volts during business hours. After business hours, the monitored voltage increases to the full 7,000 volts. Protect your perimeter around the clock.

Security Bollards

A bollard is a steel post that adds physical strength to your perimeter. They can protect your building, equipment, and fence from accidental damage. And when placed strategically, they can also help deter theft.

Looking to Enhance Your Perimeter Security?

Talk to an AMAROK perimeter security expert to talk about which features could be right for your property. Craft your fully integrated perimeter security solution. Protect your vulnerable buildings.