Electric Fence Enhancements and Advanced Security Features

Work with an AMAROK expert to customize the ultimate perimeter security solution for your business. We offer a broad selection of security enhancements to boost your commercial property protection and theft-prevention strategy.

An Angled Electric Fence with a Cloudy Blue Sky in Background

Angled Fencing

Prevent thieves from tossing goods over the fence to an accomplice or accessing your site from on top of a building or piece of equipment with our angled fencing feature. With angled fencing, the top two feet of The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence are installed at a 45-degree, inward angle.

Gate Auto Arming

Our gate auto-arming function works with roll, swing, manual or automatic gates. All you have to do is close the gate and walk away. The gate arms automatically, so you don’t have to rely on the last person out to remember to arm the property.

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Remote Arming Mobile Screen

Remote Arming

Did you remember to arm your fence? With remote arming, you won’t have to worry. Arm your system, no matter where you are, with our Total Connect 2.0 app. This app allows you to arm, disarm and check the status of your perimeter anywhere, anytime.

Lay Down Fencing

Prevent intruders from digging under your fence with lay-down fencing. This angled extension of the lower portion of the fence greatly increases the distance between intruders and access to your property. Eliminate theft by digging.

a barbed wire fence with a yellow pole in the foreground
An Electric Fence with a Yellow Sign On It

Vegetation Control

A clear fence line leaves criminals fewer places to hide and ensures your Electric Guard Dog Fence can be as effective as possible. AMAROK partners with reputable landscaping maintenance companies nationwide that provide initial clearing and regular vegetation maintenance.


Give intruders unexpected and unwanted extra attention with AMAROK Sentinels. These are ideal for higher-risk areas, such as remote corners and unlit locations. Once the alarm is triggered, all Sentinels on the property respond with ultra-bright LED lights and sirens, bringing extra attention to the intruder on site.

a chain link fence with a warning sign on it

Ground Wire Monitoring

Know immediately if a fence ground wire has been disconnected with ground wire monitoring. This feature allows you to detect when your system is being tampered with and prevents savvy intruders from disarming your system. If you want an internal link opportunity – ground wire monitoring pairs well with the Defender fence to enhance its security. 

Day Mode

Prevent theft and tampering even during business hours with our Day Mode security enhancement. This feature allows you to keep your fence pulsing at 1,000 volts during business hours. After business hours, the monitored voltage increases to the full 7,000 volts. Protect your perimeter around the clock.

A Sign on a Chain Link Fence That Says 7,000V
Electric Guard Dog- AMAROK Equipment Rentals

Security Bollards

A bollard is a steel post that adds physical strength to your perimeter. They can protect your building, equipment, and fence from accidental damage. And when placed strategically, they can also help deter theft.

Benefits of Combining Advanced Security Features

A smart security strategy goes beyond simple electric fence supplies. It assesses risk holistically and then takes a layered approach to reducing it. Advantages of doing so include:

Fewer security gaps: A multilayered approach empowers you to consider security risks from different perspectives. As a result, you can more readily devise a strategy to eliminate gaps through implementing various solutions.

Effective deterrence measures: Installing several levels of security gives your system’s components more ability to delay property access — and your team more time to detect the threat and respond quickly. It also shows a thief you take property protection seriously and is more likely to deter them from an intrusion attempt.

A comprehensive approach: Multiple security measures create an environment better prepared to face threats from numerous fronts. A layered system helps solutions work together for end-to-end security confidence.

Increased sense of security: You can worry less about disrupted operations and loss due to crime, enabling you to enjoy time away from work more easily. Your staff will also benefit from knowing you’re taking numerous steps to secure their safety and belongings.

Compliance with standards: Depending on your business, you may be required to follow local or industry-specific access control and property protection rules. A layered security system effectively supports efforts to meet or exceed these standards.

How These Solutions Enhance the Electric Guard Dog Fence

Practical and successful property protection begins at your site’s boundaries with a strong physical barrier like the Electric Guard Dog Fence. The advanced security features above help maximize your physical barrier in several ways. 

For example, options like remote arming make managing your system more convenient, and solutions like lay-down and angled fencing give the Electric Guard Dog fence extra delay-and-deter power.

Ready for the Ultimate Perimeter Security?

We’re ready to help you achieve it. Connect with your local AMAROK representative to develop a robust strategy for protecting your property, people and assets.