Commercial Portable
Electric Fencing

Have an influx of valuable goods or seasonal inventory to protect? Contracting on a vulnerable job site? Expanding your lot? AMAROK locks down your temporary perimeter fencing with a flexible Portable Electric Fencing solution.

Secure Your Property
Even When It Changes

If your commercial property is growing or your construction site requires additional security to protect valuable equipment and materials, implementing our Portable Electric Fencing is a great perimeter security option until The Electric Guard Dog™ Fence can be installed or extended.

Applications for Portable Electric Fences

Sometimes, your perimeter needs to change to grow with your company. Your business needs a solution for short-time use — portable electric fences provide an ideal temporary perimeter security measure. Here are a few ways you can use them:


  • Construction Sites

    Keep your valuable construction materials and equipment protected while you build new facilities, giving flexibility to move fences as the project progresses.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

    When you have extra inventory you need to protect, you can set up a portable fence. The fence helps keep thieves away from valuable merchandise.
  • Special Events

    With festivals and other outdoor events, portable electric fences can ensure equipment and trailers are kept safe during the entire event.
  • Equipment Rentals

    Whether you are a rental company or renting equipment for a large project, setting up perimeter fencing can keep your valuable assets safe.

Why Use an Electric Fence?

When researching perimeter security options for a job site, or other purpose, consider electric fencing. Electric fences provide the highest level of protection. Here are a few reasons to choose this option over a typical barricade:

  • Our electric fence solutions prevent 99% of external theft, making them an excellent option for protecting inventory or expensive machinery. 
  • AMAROK’s portable fencing options deliver a safe but memorable shock to warn would- be intruders to stay away from the area. 
  • They require minimal upkeep and charge using solar power, so you always have a reliable security solution. 
  • With the added layer of protection electric fencing provides, it’s often more cost-effective than a typical fence. 

Benefits of Choosing AMAROK

When you are looking for the ultimate perimeter security, leave your event venue, merchandise, or construction site protection to us. We provide turn-key fencing solutions to give you fast temporary protection.

Our fencing comes with no upfront cost, just a monthly subscription including all installation, maintenance, and monitoring. You also get reliable protection with solar-powered fencing that works even during power outages.

Temporary Electric Fencing. Lasting Perimeter Security.

Our portable electric fencing solutions come with the same integrated approach to perimeter security that has made AMAROK the best in the nation:

  • Alarm panel and keypad included to permit controlled access
  • Always-ready security thanks to solar-powered batteries
  • Quick and easy installation for fast temporary protection
  • Configured to your site specifications (starting at 200 linear feet for a six-month duration)
  • Secured with stakes or sandbags, depending on the terrain
  • Installation, takedown, service, repair, and alarm monitoring included
  • Optional security cameras and video monitoring available

Portable Electric Fencing Specifications

Let AMAROK help you design the best portable electric fencing solution to meet your needs and site requirements. All of our portable fencing options include:

An electric portable fence is surrounding a construction site
  • Dual-layered, free-standing 12-foot wide fence panels
  • A 6-foot-high chain-link fence with 8-foot-high electric fence wires
  • Safe isolation of electric wires from the chain-link fence
  • Interconnected fence panels to provide a secure perimeter

The dual-layered panels make your security fencing more durable, while the free-standing base makes this system easy to set up and move around as needed without installing the fencing into the ground.

There is a safe isolation of the electric wires from the chain-link fence which helps to provide a secure perimeter while preventing accidental touch incidents.

Talk to a Portable Electric Fencing Expert

Whatever you need to protect and wherever you need to protect it, you can talk to an AMAROK portable electric fencing expert familiar with your region and jurisdictional needs.