Perimeter Security for Auto Dismantling Yards

The auto dismantling industry is a high-value target for criminals. Prevent break-ins and protect your recycling yard’s inventory with an integrated perimeter security solution from AMAROK.

Integrated Electric Fencing
for Recycling Yards

Protect your facility and profits with an integrated electric fencing solution from AMAROK. Our flagship full-perimeter electric fence helps you deter theft and losses using several powerful layers of defense in one — an intimidating barrier, a shocking deterrent, alarms and lights.

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Enhanced Recycling Yard Security Solutions

Create the perfect perimeter security system for your recycling and dismantling yard with enhanced security measures like 24-hour surveillance and intrusion detection.

Why Auto Dismantling Sites

Need Better Perimeter Security

The theft of vehicle parts and equipment can be costly, and dismantling yards are particularly at risk. Service tools and parts are often stacked together, so criminals can easily hide among equipment. Your repair tools are also vulnerable, as thieves can hide these items and transport them without detection.

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An abundance of vehicle parts is available for thieves to steal at your lot. Criminals can resell these items, shred them for payment or have the parts refurbished. Perimeter security can ensure you don’t leave your inventory vulnerable to criminals.


As the majority of dismantling shops are located in deserted or industrial areas, these properties aren’t surrounded by busy shops or high-traffic places. Even if they are, dismantling shops present many opportunities for thieves to hide undetected.


Criminals often return to where they’ve been successful in stealing and committing a crime. Though security guards can be helpful, the lack of lighting and the rows of vehicles and machinery in your recycling yard make it easy for criminals to hide when they return and steal more.

How AMAROK Solves Challenges in the Auto Dismantling Yard Industry

One of the biggest challenges in the auto dismantling industry is securing costly inventory and protecting it against theft and damage. Attempts at theft can damage your inventory, as criminals often pry expensive components from equipment. Also, burglaries are often over in minutes, especially with easy-to-carry parts.

Get a comprehensive security system for your dismantling yard through AMAROK. Our Electric Guard Dog™ Fence provides you with superior perimeter protection. Criminals don’t like attention, and our Sentinel alarms will flash powerfully bright LED lighting onto your commercial property and blare sirens. If your yard has any blind spots, the FORTIFEYE™ surveillance camera solution from AMAROK will give you visual access to your entire lot.

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Smarter Approach to Auto Dismantling Perimeter Security

AMAROK handles all maintenance and servicing of perimeter security for your auto dismantling property.

  • There are zero upfront costs, just a monthly service fee.
  • We carry all liability insurance on our fences and other security equipment to protect customers.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and service at no additional charge.
  • Solar power means your fence is always ready and is never interrupted by outages.
  • We establish complete verification of its safety and compliance with local ordinances.
  • You get theft prevention that achieves ROI.
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We're Your Trusted Perimeter Security Partner

When you partner with AMAROK, you get ongoing assistance. Our security as a service model means we understand that security cannot consist of a one-time transaction. Our in-house governmental relations and compliance team will ensure you have the permits necessary to install your electric fence. Once we install your electric perimeter fence, we’ll train you on how to manage it.

You’ll have ongoing access to repairs and maintenance on your security service and lifetime access to security upgrades. We also provide you with ongoing customer support. These services are included in your monthly subscription fee, and you don’t pay an initial amount upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions

AMAROK’s electric fences for auto dismantling yards are designed to deliver a safe, but memorable electric shock to deter intruders.

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions for auto dismantling yards offer comprehensive protection against theft, unauthorized access, and vandalism. With features like electric fences, video surveillance, and access control, AMAROK aims to create a secure environment for valuable auto parts and vehicles within dismantling yards.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by auto dismantling yards, AMAROK provides customizable perimeter security options. A dedicated representative works closely with yard operators to conduct on-site assessments, identify security risks, and develop a tailored strategy.

Security challenges in auto dismantling yards arise from the nature of the industry, where valuable auto parts are stored. Unattended vehicles and the presence of valuable components make these yards attractive targets for theft and unauthorized access.

To gain a deeper understanding of how AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions can be customized for auto dismantling yards, contact a local AMAROK representative. Our representatives are well-equipped to provide detailed information, conduct on-site assessments, and guide you through our process.

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