Electric Fencing Industry Applications

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions are used to protect businesses across many industries. Learn more about how our experts can help meet your specific security needs.

Tons of Applications. One Perimeter Security Solution.

Our perimeter security solutions protect valuable inventory and provide peace of mind for business owners across many industries. Take a look at all of our industrial applications to find out how we can help you.

Protect commercial trucking assets with a highly effective integrated electric fencing solution.

Minimize risk to your business by protecting the equipment that drives it.

Lock down valuable materials on your building supply lot. 

Safeguard valuable rental equipment assets and your bottom line.

$1 Billion of scrap metal is lost to theft each year. Make sure it’s not from your yard.

Maintain full perimeter security, even on temporary construction sites.

Prevent off-hours break-ins and protect valuable auction inventory.

Prevent your valuable vehicle parts from ending up on the black market.

Safeguard new, used or leased vehicle inventory and expensive tools.

Protect your oil & gas refinery, energy company, railway or port facility.

Protect vehicles, parts, accessories, and the tools used to maintain them.

Keep your most critical equipment secure and revenues flowing.

Ensure your rental assets are not among the 30,000 that are stolen each year.

Prevent intrusion and theft at distribution centers and warehouses.

Protect your reputation and maintain trust with frequent travelers.

Nothing ruins a storage reputation quicker than break-ins. Prevent them.

Prevent theft and insulate your customers and your business. 

Surround cannabis fields and grow houses with more than just a chainlink fence.

Talk To An AMAROK Expert About Your Industry Needs

Don’t see your industry? Don’t worry. Our perimeter security experts can still help you craft the perimeter security solution that meets your specific industry needs.