Electric Fencing
Industry Applications

AMAROK’s perimeter security solutions protect businesses across many industries. Learn more about how our experts can help meet your specific security needs.

Tons of Applications. One Perimeter Security Solution.

Our perimeter security solutions protect valuable inventory and provide peace of mind for business owners across many industries. Take a look at all of our industrial applications to find out how we can help you.

Protect commercial trucking assets with a highly effective integrated electric fencing solution.

an orange landcare truck is parked in a gravel lot

Minimize risk to your business by protecting the equipment that drives it.

An electric chain link fence at a parking lot

Lock down valuable materials on your building supply lot. 

A chain link fence with a sign that says warning electric fence

Safeguard valuable rental equipment assets and your bottom line.

One billion dollars of scrap metal is lost to theft annually. Make sure it’s not from your yard.

a red truck is parked in front of a building with a fence around it

Maintain complete perimeter security, even on temporary construction sites.

Auto Auction Electric Security Fence

Prevent off-hours break-ins and protect valuable auction inventory.

Cars in a Junkyard Surrounded By an Electric Fence

Prevent your valuable vehicle parts from ending up on the black market.

An electric fence with a warning sign on it

Safeguard new, used or leased vehicle inventory and expensive tools.

Critical Infrastructure Industry

Protect your oil and gas refinery, energy company, railway or port facility.

Electric Fence Surrounding Gerber Collision & Glass

Protect vehicles, parts, accessories, and the tools used to maintain them.

a row of yellow school buses are parked in a parking lot

Ensure your rental assets are not among the 30,000 stolen annually.

Auto Auction - Electric Guard Dog Fence

Ensure your rental assets are not among the 30,000 that are stolen each year.

A row of semi trucks are parked in front of a building

Prevent intrusion and theft at distribution centers and warehouses.

A lot of cars are parked in an airport parking lot

Protect your reputation and maintain trust with frequent travelers.

a green dumpster is parked in a parking lot behind a fence

Nothing ruins a storage reputation quicker than break-ins. Prevent them.

A black chain link fence with a yellow warning sign on it

Prevent theft and insulate your customers and your business. 

An electric fence surrounding a cannabis farm

Surround cannabis fields and processing facilities with more than just a chain-link fence.

Benefits of Electric Perimeter Security Solutions

Perimeter security solutions discourage crime and robberies on your property. The physical barrier of the fence often acts as a deterrent by itself. People see you have protection and are less likely to try to get in. Even if they try to enter the property, the fence makes it more difficult. When they try to breach the perimeter, ground wire monitoring will trigger the system, which will go into alarm. When paired with cameras, our monitoring center will put eyes on the threat and notify authorities.

a barbed wire fence with a warning sign attached to it

    The electric shock from a fence, while medically safe, will make criminals think twice about trying to enter.


    An electric fence has clear warning signs and an added interior layer, which makes it more intimidating to potential criminals.


    Our electric fences can notify you when people try to enter your site. Typically, normal chain-link fences won’t warn of potential break-ins.

The AMAROK Fencing Process

Whatever your industry, AMAROK provides a comprehensive process to ensure you get an electric fencing industry solution that suits your operational needs. Here’s an overview of our process:

Our security experts assess your property at no cost to you. We identify any unique concerns or challenges. 

You get assigned a project manager after your contract signing. They will contact you within 48 hours to discuss what’s next.

We’ll ensure you meet the permitting requirements of your local jurisdiction while providing regular updates. We also initiate the process of securing the building permit for you. 

Your project manager will send a technician to walk the site, and discuss project details as well as any land clearing to prepare for installation.

We ship the required materials to your site before the build. You can let the freight company know where you want the materials stored.

Our technicians will install the system and provide training to ensure you and your employees understand its operation.

The Customer Care department provides expertise and guidance throughout the lifetime of our system. 

A Level of Security to Meet Your Needs

Various businesses and industries have differing security requirements. We can tailor a system to your risk level with three series of electric fencing. The Defender Fence works well for areas with lower security needs. It can also provide temporary security for those waiting for permits. The Electric Guard Dog Fence delivers three layers of defense. It includes a physical barrier, an electric fence and alarms triggered by touching the structure.

When you want the highest level of security, we’d recommend The Electric Guard Dog 30 Series fence. It includes 30 strands of wire and additional poles for added protection. We offer security add-ons like remote arming and angled fencing to provide tailored perimeter security industry applications. We also dress gates with our electric fencing solution. This setup allows the system to remain armed while the gate is opened and closed.

Talk to an AMAROK Expert About Your Industry Needs

Don’t see your industry? Don’t worry. Our perimeter security experts can still help you craft the perimeter security solution that meets your specific industry needs.