Remote and Mobile Video Monitoring Systems

Prevent theft and capture the video evidence to convict criminals with a remote and mobile video monitoring system from AMAROK. Real-time protection with around-the-clock surveillance is the perfect companion to the Electric Guard Dog™ Fence.

Monitor Your Perimeter 24/7/365. From Anywhere.

With our remote security monitoring software, you can view real-time camera footage from a desktop computer or mobile device, but what if you don’t have the personnel or desire to respond to threats at all times? AMAROK can help with two video monitoring add-ons — remote video monitoring and mobile video surveillance.

Both are ideal for single-location installation or multiple sites. Either way, you can access your total footprint from one unified dashboard — view any camera around the clock from anywhere your business takes you.

Ensure Prompt Response with Remote Video Surveillance

A real-time remote video monitoring system from AMAROK is essential in areas where visual alarm verification is needed for prompt police response. Increase the odds of catching criminals in the act of a crime or even stopping one before it occurs with professional monitoring services.

Use our mobile app to review, save and provide footage to law enforcement thanks to easy-to-use video management software, or let an AMAROK security specialist do it while keeping you in the loop. Secure undeniable evidence and increase the possibility of apprehending thieves at the scene.

Remote Video Monitoring System Features Include:

  • An alarm-triggered live video feed
  • Local network video recorder or server for processing, recording and streaming footage
  • Cloud-based software for centralized access to camera streams and recorded footage from multiple sites
  • Mobile app for reviewing live cameras or recorded footage while on the go
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring by AMAROK to respond and keep you in the loop

Mobile Video Surveillance System Features Include:

  • 2.3-megapixel camera(s) with IR and thermal capabilities
  • No wiring required
  • Ideal for short-term use
  • Integrates with other AMAROK security solutions

Get Eyes on Every Corner of Your Property

Portable and versatile, AMAROK’s Remote and Mobile Video Surveillance solution is solar-powered and trailer-mounted, with cameras that extend from a 22-foot mast.

Transmit video feeds of remote corners of your property directly to the AMAROK monitoring center. Strengthen weak points and deter crime in all locations on your property.

How Live Remote Perimeter Surveillance Can Help Your Business

Mobile and remote video surveillance with AMAROK helps your business in several key ways.

Confident Protection

AMAROK’s around-the-clock monitoring makes off-site peace of mind possible. You can rest easier knowing our teams are watching over your property and its assets 24/7/365. Our professionals undergo thorough training to spot real-time threats. They’re also experts in responding to them and communicating effectively with law enforcement — as well as you and your stakeholders.

Crime Deterrence

Businesses of many types lose money to crime annually through stolen goods, property damage and delayed responses. Adding video surveillance to other security measures helps prevent these outcomes. Our systems and services empower real-time viewing and quick interaction that effectively deter crime, mitigating the risk of loss.

Video Verification

Our solutions offer you a real-time feed and easy access to any installed camera on any of your properties. This capability is crucial for initiating rapid law enforcement response because you can share video evidence of an intrusion to fulfill dual verification requirements. The mobile video monitoring system also allows you to save footage with a few simple clicks and provide it to the police for their investigation.

How Our Security Specialists Can Help

AMAROK’s security specialists watch the activity on your property’s cameras, which continuously scan for any threats. They will notify you or members of your team immediately if there is irregular activity or an intrusion attempt. With mobile access, you can instantly review the footage yourself from any connected device, anywhere, to initiate a response.

Our video surveillance options are the ideal complement to other AMAROK perimeter security options since they create a fully integrated, multilayer approach. This cost-effective and holistic solution helps reduce the need for on-site guards while still deterring crime, which can directly translate into significant bottom-line savings for your organization.

Always Ready. Always Vigilant. Add Video & Monitoring Options Today.

Talk to an AMAROK security expert about our remote and mobile video surveillance solutions and how they can contribute to ultimate perimeter security for your business.