Regulatory Disclosures

AL Customers: Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure Alarm Company License #2019/20-1530, Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure  7956 Vaughn Road, PMB 392, Montgomery, Alabama 36116, (334) 264-9388

AR Customers: State of Arkansas Alarm System Company License #CMPY.0002171; Regulated by Arkansas Bd. of Private Investigators & Private Security Agencies, #1 State Police Plaza Dr., Little Rock 72209, (501) 618-8600

AZ Customers: Board of Technical Registration #18715-0

CA Customers: State of California Alarm Company Operator License #7084; alarm company operators are licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 95814

DE  Customers: Security Systems Agency #14-267

FL Customers: State of Florida Certified Alarm System Contractor II License #EG13000510

GA Customers: State of Georgia Low-Voltage License #LVA205957

IA Customers: State of Iowa Alarm System Contractor License #AC-0214

ID Customers: Registered Entity Contractor #RCE-42658

IL Customers: Illinois Division of Professional Regulation license #127001600

KY Customers: Louisville Metro Police Department Alarm Company License #627

LA Customers: Life Safety & Property Protection Systems—Firm Registration #F1883 and State Licensing Board for Contractors License #60296

MD Customers: State of Maryland Security Systems Agency License #107-1633

MI Customers: State of Michigan Security Alarm Agency License #3601206305

MN Customers: State of Minnesota Technology Systems Contractor License #TS655602

MO – St Louis County Customers: St. Louis County Alarm Business License #95152

MS  Customers: State Board of Contractors License #20805-SC

MT Customers: State of Montana Security Company License #PSP-ELS-LIC-14523

NC Customers: North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board License #1055-CSA, Alarm Systems Licensing Board, 1631 Midtown Place Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27609; (919) 875-3611

ND Customers: Contractor’s License #54436-Class D

NE Customers: State of Nebraska Registered Contractor License #40396-19

NJ Customers: Burglar Alarm Business License #34BX00019200- 830 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, NJ 08628

NM Customers: Construction Industries Division Contractor License #379100

NV Customers: Nevada State Contractors Board License #0077642

NY Customers: 12000058168, Licensed by NYS Department of State

OK Customers: Burglar Alarm License #AC151048

OR Customers: State of Oregon Electrical Contractor, Limited Energy (CLE) License #CLE328

SC Customers: State of South Carolina Burglar Alarm Company License #13434

TN Customers: State of Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractors Board License #1566

TX Customers: Texas Department of  Public Safety Alarm Company License #B19477

UT Customers: Burglar Alarm Company License #8841491-6501

VA Customers: State of Virginia Electronic Security Services/Locksmith License #11-7645; 2705151931 Class A Contractor Classification

WA Customers: State of Washington Electrical Contractor’s License – Limited Energy System License #ELECTGD876JD; P.O. Box 21832, Columbia, SC, 29221

WI Customers: City of Milwaukee Alarm Business License # PAS-0002555. In Milwaukee, if either the city’s police or fire department is notified of 2 false alarms within a calendar year, the alarm user will be required to pay the city a forfeiture of $50 for each false alarm received thereafter.

Updated February 1, 2020