3 Common Perimeter Security Concerns RV Dealerships Face

Around-the-clock perimeter security monitoring is crucial when protecting a large area with valuable assets such as an RV Dealership. Understanding the potential impact of crime and how to protect against it is imperative when running a business where the most valuable assets are kept outdoors. Many thieves are opportunistic and will target properties with weak security. To help you protect your trailers and vehicles, we have compiled a list of three ordinary perimeter security issues at RV dealerships.

RV Dealership Security Concerns

Top 3 Security Problems

RV Dealerships Experience Vandalism

Thieves and vandals cause damage to customers’ RVs in addition to RVs scheduled for sale—at times even those that are scheduled for pick up the very next morning. It’s a situation with no upside and it calls into question several critical metrics of perception including perimeter security, customer service and the overall reputation of the RV dealership. Vandalism greatly diminishes the appearance of reputable properties and is a major barrier for customers looking to purchase.

Homeless Taking Shelter in Your RV

While being sympathetic to the plight of the homeless, the reasons for preventing them from spending nights in RVs are plentiful. Industrial security issues range from vandalism and damage to liability and accountability in the event of injury, or worse.

Thieves Covet RV Electronic Components

RV dealerships are forced to routinely remove components from their RVs daily to protect each motor vehicle from perimeter security issues. Doing this repeatedly increases the opportunity for damage to the electronic components and to the RV, as well as taking up valuable hours that could be spent taking care of other important tasks around the dealership.

Perimeter Security Tips to Prevent Theft at RV Dealerships

Install Fencing, Bright Lights, & Signs

Investing in an industrial security system will prevent access to your dealership at night. This can be accomplished through fencing, warning signs and immediate police notification. Installing bright, intrusive lighting can also deter criminals who work in the cover of night.

Create an Employee Sign In Process

Implement a strict employee sign in and sign out process. This is beneficial because it allows the dealership to know exactly who is on the perimeter at any given time.

Configure  GPS Technology

GPS technology is inexpensive in bulk and can be added to vehicles for protection. For example, if an RV is taken off the property illegally, the dealership will have access to its location.

Invest in a Perimeter Security System

Having a perimeter security system that is always on is imperative because it gives peace of mind and removes the issues associated with human error such as someone forgetting to set the alarm.

The concerns and challenges RV Dealerships face can be solved through a perimeter security solution with monitoring, alarms, responsiveness, and a solar-powered electric fence. AMAROK has the ultimate perimeter security solution to protect RV dealerships that include a physical deterrent, shock deterrent and alarm deterrent. 

The solar-powered electric fence is not impacted by power failures, which means the property has 24/7/365 security. Monitoring and alarms allow for complete protection and faster response times. AMAROK’s industrial security solution is more effective than cameras or security guards alone. In fact, 98% of AMAROK customers experience zero external theft after installation.

To gain peace of mind knowing that your RV dealership is protected, give our team a call at (800) 432-6391 or reach out to us online to receive a free site evaluation for a perimeter security system.