3 Risk Factors of Commercial Burglary & How to Prevent Crime at your Business

Owning a business or managing a site is demanding enough without worrying about insufficient site security and commercial burglary. Mitigating the risk of commercial robbery is so stressful that many companies simply hope that it won’t ever happen instead of acting before it does. Unfortunately, commercial burglaries occur daily, and cause serious damage to under-prepared companies. To determine if your company should invest in an electric fence and layered security system, here are three risk factors to consider:

1.) Evaluate the Prominence of Theft in your Area

A major factor that determines the vulnerability of your job site is its location. If your business is in an area that faces a lot of commercial burglaries, you should consider installing an electric fence to protect your business from the consequences of theft.

If your site is in an area that doesn’t experience a great deal of crime, you should still be concerned due to other variables at play. For instance, many businesses are in areas that are deserted on nights and weekends. If criminals feel that there is a minimal chance of them being noticed by law enforcement, employees, or other witnesses, they are far more likely to commit a commercial burglary.

Data shows that most cargo theft takes place on the weekends, so your business needs to ensure that security doesn’t take a nosedive when your workers leave on Friday evening. Do not give criminals two full days each week to acquaint themselves with your site

2.) Evaluate Valuable Equipment & Assets in your Industry

Prior to investing in a layered security system or an electric fence, it’s important to assess the prominence of commercial burglaries in your industry. The types of equipment your organization stores on the commercial property will directly impact your risk for burglaries. 

Criminals are very opportunistic and tend to be interested in the biggest payoff for the least amount of effort. This means, if your company is in an industry that involves heavy, expensive equipment, you’ll typically face a higher threat of theft.

Unlike other types of industries that deal with less burglaries, you will be required to invest in a superior security system to protect your inventory, equipment, and hardware. AMAROK recommends investing in a solution that includes an alarm system, video cameras, and access control barriers on top of an electric fence deterrent. The ultimate solution is a security system that deters theft and stops the crime before it happens in the first place.

3.) Analyze the History of Commercial Burglaries on your Property

A final risk factor for your job site relates to your prior experience with break-ins. As unfortunate as it is, if you’ve been targeted by criminals before, it’s highly likely that you’ll be hit again. Crooks want the easiest target possible, so they generally don’t go out of their way to target highly secured sites. If your site lacks in security, criminals will hit you repeatedly until you bolster your security with deterrents such as an electric fence and warning signs.

The data supports this claim. In fact, 71% of commercial property criminals or vandals will target businesses they’ve hit before. This gives even more urgency to what we tell our potential customers. If you’ve been targeted, you need to fix the problem immediately before it gets worse and you lose more money and time to another commercial burglary.

Many customers only install our Electric Guard Dog System after being hit hard by commercial property crime. We wish they knew about AMAROK before dealing with those hardships. Many of these customers didn’t realize their security was weak until it was too late. Often customers ask, “We have security cameras and a guard. Isn’t that enough?” Sadly, these measures aren’t enough. Through our experience in the commercial security industry, we’ve learned that the key to protecting your business is integrated layered security.

What You Can Do to Mitigate Security Risks

After analyzing the various risk factors for commercial burglary, let’s get to the solution. First, request a free risk assessment from our expert team. One of our commercial security professionals will be able to give you a personalized, detailed assessment based on the information you provide about your site. After this, we can move forward in setting you up with the ultimate perimeter security system that never sleeps.

AMAROK’s unique, integrated layered security system is equipped to defend against all varieties of thieves and property criminals. Protection comes from our system’s three layers of deterrents:

  • The physical deterrent of our imposing electric security fence.
  • The shock deterrent that jolts criminals who try to climb or cut the fence.
  • The alarm deterrent that sounds when crooks interfere with the fence.

Most criminals are not interested in testing our state-of-the-art system. Those who test their luck will not try another time. This explains why 98% of our customers experience zero external theft after installing our system.

Interested in a comprehensive security solution that stops property crime and theft before your business can be harmed? Our security experts would like to offer you a free personalized risk assessment. 


AMAROK™ is a full-perimeter security company based in Columbia, South Carolina, that provides commercial security services throughout the United States and Canada. Specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, AMAROK also provides supplemental surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights, and alarms. Together, these business security services form the ultimate crime prevention solution for any business. Contact us today!