Worker Talking on a Walkie Talkie at a Shipping Container Lot

3 Ways Security Affects Productivity

Lack of Deterrent Security Can Cost Your Business Lost Productivity Who Knew? We Did!

The lack of a core integrated security system can cost your company lost productivity. On average, before investing in integrated perimeter security, customers lost $213K* in downtime due to property thefts. Manufacturers’ losses skyrocket: as much as $260K an hour.

But this doesn’t have to be business as usual—there are three ways a strong physical security system built for deterrence can protect your productivity.

1. A safer workplace.

Feeling safe in the workplace is a welcoming environment for employees. That means less turnover and absenteeism, higher morale and minimal opportunity for data loss or even personal harm. 

2. Better customer service.

Loss of vehicles, equipment, spare parts, inventory, production materials—including cars belonging to employees—all interrupt your ability to serve customers with service or products. Good luck with speeding up the supply chain for replacements!

3. Cut direct financial losses.

Businesses lose money every minute they can’t deliver service or make products. That’s downtime and it happens when criminals can breach a weak security system to steal critical materials and cargo vital to profitable operation. An integrated security system can have a huge impact on reducing or even cutting those losses altogether.

Customer trust depends on businesses delivering what they promise.

Our research shows the results of unplanned downtime, including theft of property and consequent loss of productivity.

  • 46% of companies said they couldn’t deliver services (think equipment rentals or cargo),
  • 37% couldn’t produce critical assets (think replacement parts),
  • 29% were completely unable to service or support specific equipment or assets (think landscaping vehicles, dump trucks, spare parts, truck cargo).

In essence their business came to a standstill—the ultimate productivity loss!

Physical security is the building block of a core security plan.

If building sites, warehouses, distribution centers or outside storage facilities aren’t protected BEFORE potential criminal entry can happen, all other parts of the plan are at risk. These can include security systems governing and presumably protecting user and staff access, network security and databanks.

Deterrence-focused systems make a huge difference. The bad guys don’t get in, they unintentionally pose for pictures and make things easier for law enforcement. And the business gets to keep doing business for its customers.  That’s the productivity bottom line.

Assess Your Readiness—It’s better to prevent lost productivity than risk your profits and reputation.

Take our Business Risk & Security Return Evaluation to learn where your business has the greatest potential for a return on its security investments based on the aspects of your “core” that are most at risk.

* based on an average of all AMAROK customer business case data relevant to lost revenue due to downtime