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3 Ways to Protect Your Electric Guard Dog Fence in the Winter

3 Ways to Protect Your Electric Guard Dog Fence™ in the Winter

Don’t let harsh winter weather affect the crime-stopping power of your Electric Guard Dog perimeter security fence. The season of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures is in full swing. It’s important to know what to expect this season and optimize care for your Electric Guard Dog Fence so you’re fully protected from potential crime AND have peace of mind.

1. Don’t panic if you get a ”low battery” notification

One of the features our customers love most about the Electric Guard Dog Fence is that it’s solar powered – so they don’t have to hire an electrician or run wires everywhere to keep their businesses safe, and even when the power is out, they’re still protected. We understand the benefits of solar power allowing the sun to maintain your fence’s batteries full. Winter weather is notoriously cloudy, and cold temperatures can also affect battery performance. Many of our customers will call in a panic saying, “My battery is low, what do I do?”

The first thing to do is not panic. Even if your battery is low, your fence is still operating as it should. A couple of cloudy days or cold weather isn’t going to drain your battery completely. If you’re still getting the low battery notification when it’s sunny out, give us a call or send a message through the ROK app on your phone. We’ll send a tech out to check your battery and make adjustments if necessary.

2. Keep your solar panels free of snow and ice

Snow and ice on your solar panels can inhibit their ability to absorb sunlight to keep your batteries charged. Check your solar panels often to make sure they are clear of snow and ice, and use a de-icer on them as often as necessary. De-icer won’t damage your solar panels, so use it as much as you need to keep your panels clear. If the snow on your solar panels is especially deep, use a soft, foam-headed snow broom to remove accumulated snow before applying de-icer.

3. Remove deep snow from your fence to prevent false alarms

After a particularly heavy snowstorm, large chunks of snow and ice on your Electric Guard Dog Fence can trigger false alarms.

While clearing chunks of snow and ice, remember to temporarily turn off the fence and NEVER touch the fence while operating unless you want to experience first-hand the stopping power of 7,000 volts. (Trust us. You don’t.)

If you know a snowstorm is coming, you can reach out to us to evaluate your best options to protect your fence and property during this time. Just send in a request to us in the ROK app and we’ll send a technician to your location right away to make sure your fence is working properly and clean any accumulated snow. 

Got questions about maintaining your fence in cold weather?

Register for the ROK app here. We can answer all your questions, schedule a technician to come out, address your issues and more – all from the convenience of your smartphone!