5 Best Places to Install Perimeter Security Cameras on Your Commercial Property

A commercial burglary can be devastating for a business. The good news is that prevention is easier than ever. Security does not have to be complicated and an effective perimeter security system is an easy way to protect a commercial warehouse, office, or facility. Security cameras are beneficial way to spot potential criminals lurking for a commercial robbery and to keep employees accountable. To help you prevent commercial robberies on your property, we have compiled a list of the 5 best locations to install security cameras on your property.

1. Business Entrance & Exit

Perimeter security cameras at the entrance and exit of your facility will allow managers to view who is entering the property. Identifying if a person is an employee, customer or stranger is important to determine if they are a threat to the business.

2. Warehouses

If you have one or more warehouses on your property, it’s important to install security cameras to prevent thieves from graining access to your valuable inventory. Integrating cameras with a perimeter security system will allow facility managers o monitor suspicious or out of the ordinary occurrences that may take place.

3. Inventory Rooms

It is important to keep an eye on inventory rooms where sensitive information can be stored. Installing perimeter security camera will make it easy for property managers to monitor restricted areas to confirm if employees or external thieves are accessing sensitive documents or stealing items.

4. Loading Docks

Be sure that the correct cargo is going on trucks and that extra materials are not being taken away. Archiving footage from the security cameras at your loading docks will make it easy to discover and resolve discrepancies in orders at your facility. The surveillance videos from the cameras will also make it possible to locate the employees or criminals who were present and load up the wrong materials.

5. Perimeter Fencing

Keeping an eye on the fencing that surrounds the commercial property is a good way to ensure that perimeter security measures are working correctly. Cameras on the perimeter of a site allow suspicious activity such as a criminal planning a commercial robbery to be spotted.


External vs. Internal Theft

External and internal theft are both threats to commercial businesses. External theft is a perimeter security issue that is referred to by industry experts as a commercial robbery. This type of theft is conducted by individuals that do not work for the organization. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for employees to be associated with burglars that commit external theft. 

Internal theft is committed by employees and can be on a small or large scale. A tiered access solution is a great way to prevent external and internal theft. By limiting access on a property to employees only and implementing a tiered access perimeter security solution, it will be easy to prevent external theft and identify suspects if internal theft occurs.

What is a Tiered Access Security System?

Distributing access cards or codes to employees will prevent external theft from occurring at your facility or warehouse. This type of system will restrict access to specific areas of your property and building to external thieves. Utilizing a tiered access perimeter security system can also prevent internal theft by keeping employees accountable. Employees can only access certain areas of the property through employee code authorization levels. Keeping track of which employees are accessing sensitive areas keeps people honest and less likely to steal goods.


Benefits of a Layered Perimeter Security System

A great perimeter security system has many working parts in order to protect a commercial property. Assuring that a business is protected in multiple ways will deter criminals and catch the small amount that will attempt a commercial burglary. Each layer has a different but vital function. If one aspect of the perimeter security system fails, the rest will be there to catch the criminal and prevent losses.

An electric fence is the beginning of a great layered security system. The fence is a physical and shock deterrent while cameras catch suspicious activity and alarms draw attention to the area that is being compromised. These perimeter security measures used in conjunction will scare criminals away from even attempting a commercial burglary.

How Can AMAROK Help?

AMAROK provides a state-of-the-art layered and perimeter security solution. The Electric Guard Dog fence is intimidating and impactful. It is a total of 10 feet tall and is charged with 7,000 volts of electricity. AMAROK also offers video surveillance cameras, tiered access control, and safety lights to protect customers against commercial robberies. AMAROK protects commercial business yards and outdoor assets with the Electric Guard Dog fence.

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