5 Ways to Leverage Layered Security to Boost Your Career

According to The Ladders, the average recruiter spends six seconds glancing at your resume before deciding whether to read more. Six seconds! They also suggest highlighting your own performance, and backing yourself up with metrics to show exactly how you added value. 

As a physical security professional, what can you put down that will catch their eye?

If you’ve transformed security into a layered security approach, that’s a great story to tell.

Ever wonder what a Head of Corporate Security suggests for layered security?  Learn how Celadon-Quality Companies uses layered security.

How a Layered Approach to Security Boosts Security Careers

Adding Layered Security to Your Resume

Layered security is a hot topic in the security industry, so the phrase alone is likely to get noticed. You can incorporate what security measures you introduced and how you layered them. You can also gather some of the metrics that show how you added value and simultaneously saved the company money.

Consider how layered security:

  1. Reduced theft and loss
  2. Generated a higher return
  3. Led to fewer losses, which means cheaper insurance premiums
  4. Increased productivity at work due to less time processing losses
  5. Upgrades helped improve your company’s reputation with customers

And voila! You’ve got a great resume narrative to show not only recruiters, but CEO’s and enterprise business owners. They always care about the bottom line.

No Layered Security Systems Solution — Yet

Haven’t yet convinced management to adopt a layered security solution? You can always help your case with a little research. Consider using the five points above to find out how much other companies are saving with a layered security solution, and show those to management.

Here are some other points you might want to make: employees can spend time with customers and production, instead of filing police reports, insurance claims and replacing products. Some layered security solutions even cut down on worker’s compensation claims, due to a safer work environment.  Security system features such as user codes and access controls also hold employees accountable and save the HR department time. 

Adding layered security to your company to protect assets and save money should help you, as well as your boss and company stakeholders. It’s a forward-thinking and impressive addition that adds value to any company.

And by the way? Once you’ve gathered those metrics, be sure to show them to your current boss to highlight your achievement. Who knows? Maybe instead of a new job, you might just get a promotion.