5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Fuel Theft

5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Fuel Theft

Feeling the pinch at the pump? With the cost of oil skyrocketing in the last few months, fuel costs are breaking records all over the country — creating a surge in demand for black market gas that thieves are cashing in on. 

Every day, there are stories like this one, where thieves made off with $50,000 in gas from a gas station, or this one, where two men were arrested with 800 gallons of stolen diesel fuel. Thieves are getting bolder and more creative in their attempts to steal fuel because right now, it’s more profitable than ever. 

If you store fuel at your commercial site or employ a fleet of vehicles, you can be a target for fuel thieves. Don’t want to see your profits siphoned off? Follow these five fuel theft prevention tips.


1- Protect Your Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel storage tanks located at gas stations and fleet lots are prime targets for criminals who want to make off with a large fuel haul that nets a big profit on the black market.

Thieves love three things – the cover of darkness, ease of access, and lack of security. Is your fuel storage area giving them all three? Make sure you secure your fuel storage area with multiple layers of security, including bright lighting, a locked fence or building, and security cameras.

2- Secure Your Perimeter

What’s good for your fuel storage area is good for your entire operation. A secure perimeter prevents thieves of all persuasions (not just fuel thieves) from gaining access to your fuel storage, valuable cargo like catalytic converters, vehicles, and more. To be effective, your perimeter security fence should be:fence

  • At least 6 feet tall (taller is better) 
  • Sturdy enough so that it can’t be knocked down or moved 
  • Secured at ground level to keep thieves from crawling underneath 

Want even better perimeter protection? Nothing stops criminals like an electric fence. Before thieves even try to breach your perimeter to access your on-site fuel, large signs let them know that they’re in for a shock — a “powerful” deterrent against crime. 
The more layered your security is, the more likely it is to keep criminals out and your valuable fuel where it’s supposed to be. Consider adding video surveillance and breach detection to your security system if you haven’t already.

3- Lock Your Fuel Pump

The fuel pump at your commercial site should be securely locked any time it’s not being used. Train your employees to lock your secure fuel area immediately after fueling each time, and make checking the lock part of your nightly security routine.

4- Protect Your Fleet

Fuel theft directly from vehicles is on the rise. Whether through siphoning or drilling holes into the gas tanks of commercial vehicles, fuel theft costs multiply when damage to vehicles is included.

At your site, protecting your fleet from fuel theft comes down to perimeter security — a strong perimeter fence to keep thieves out, bright lighting, video monitoring, and more. Again, an electric fence can be your best bet, as it’s a strong deterrent against would-be criminals trying to access your property.

Off-site, protecting your vehicles from fuel theft is much more difficult. Train your drivers to park only in well-lighted areas with plenty of foot traffic, especially for overnight parking.

5- Tap Into Gas Theft Prevention Technology

Fuel theft may be getting a lot of news coverage right now, but it’s hardly new. There are already many different types of fuel-theft prevention on the market, including next-generation security gas caps, fuel tank monitoring systems, anti-siphoning devices, and more. 

If you’ve never properly looked into these devices before, now’s the time … BEFORE you become a statistic. 

Want to know if there’s more you can do to protect your commercial site from fuel theft? Schedule your Free and Customized Threat Assessment of your commercial property you can only get from AMAROK.





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