6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-19

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The past few months have been wildly unpredictable. No one could have known that businesses would be ordered to temporarily close. While the closures were for everyone’s safety, this abrupt occurrence has been difficult for businesses to handle.

As the country begins to open after the COVID-19 health crisis, businesses will face the task of reopening after a hasty closure. We’ve compiled a list of tips for reopening businesses in a safe and smart manner to protect your staff and property.

Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe & Prevent a Second Temporary Closure

6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-19
1. Require Employees to Wear Masks to Work
The world is beginning to turn again, but we’re still in a health crisis, and your reopening business is nothing without healthy and safe employees. Provide employees with clean masks if they don’t have access to one. This will ensure sure that all employees, especially those who may be immune-compromised, feel comfortable and safe at work.

2. Keep Your Workplace Stocked With Sanitary Supplies
To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure your business is not ordered to temporarily close again, we recommend providing your staff members with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and antibacterial soap. Make sure that all commonly touched surfaces are being cleaned often, such as doorknobs, keyboards, and phones. Your reopening business will be germ-free and squeaky clean!

6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-19

3. Avoid Having Large Meetings That Are Confined to a Single Room
If possible, have meetings via Zoom or even FaceTime to avoid contact as much as possible. If employees have been working from home, an excellent way to reopen your small or large business is to designate groups of employees to tele-work and report in person on opposite days, limiting the amount of people in your workplace.

Keeping Your Business Secure

4. Test All of Your Security Equipment
Although the COVID-19 pandemic is causing more people to work from home, commercial burglars are using this opportunity to conduct cargo theft. To ensure your reopening business is secure, we recommend that you inspect your cameras, biometric readers, alarm systems, and electric security fence. 

6 Tips to Help You Reopen Your Commercial Business After COVID-195. Instruct Employees Not to Hold the Door for People They Don’t Recognize
The only way to prevent a second nationwide temporary closure of businesses is to stop the spread of Coronavirus. While it may feel rude, you should inform your employees to avoid holding doors open for unidentified individuals. If an individual needs to gain access to your office or facility, he or she can easily call a manager to obtain approval to the necessary offices or loading docks.

6. Ensure That No Valuable Equipment is Left Unsecured
Construction equipment, mechanical parts, and other unsecured equipment can easily be stolen if left unsecured. If you’re in the process of reopening your small trucking or commercial business, do not leave your keys inside or near equipment where someone might find them. The electric security fences and alarm monitoring solutions provided by AMAROK can prevent equipment from being targeted and stolen.

These are unprecedented times, and it may be difficult to know necessary steps to take while opening your business. Being prepared and precautionary while reopening is crucial to protecting your employees, assets, and reputation. AMAROK is a perimeter security provider that offers solar powered electric fences, access control options, video surveillance, and alarms. If your physical security could use some attention, contact a staff member at AMAROK today at 800-432-6391.