A Pandemic of Theft: Is Your Business at Risk of Cargo Theft?

In the last several months we have all become united under the same feeling: fear. It’s powerful. This invisible thing lingering around the whole world right now, turning handshakes into deadly weapons and creating a necessary grocery trip into dooms-day preparation.

While we attempt to shut out a pandemic by bringing scandalous documentaries and likely setting records for most video conferences, ask yourself “who wins here?” There will always be thieves and criminals and if history has proven anything, it’s the criminal who takes advantage of the vulnerable. When you’re protecting yourself and loved ones by staying at home; there’s another threat out there taking advantage of our shattered businesses and quiet streets: professional burglars that carry out cargo theft.

Is your business a sitting duck?

COVID-19, while the invisible enemy, has spawned ideas in the criminal’s mind – and those criminals also have friends; this is when the army of the cargo theft rings begin. As the world becomes more restless, how do you combat the invisible army? Another history lesson, from security, will tell us that we usually wait. Wait to see how bad the pain will be, and business owners frequently wait until they’ve been hit so hard, their businesses are hemorrhaging.

Man entering building Intrusion

Criminals make their living by taking risks, so they aren’t frightened off by a virus. Just the opposite! They see a huge opportunity inside the locked gates and empty premises of commercial businesses that don’t utilize industrial security solutions. Since the start of the pandemic, one city has reported a 131% increase in commercial burglaries over the same time period last year.

As doctors and scientists quickly try to create a vaccine to stop this pandemic, learn from this. How will you handle your intruders and thieves? They are a virus. They will strike when you least suspect. We know that history repeats itself. We’re living it now.

So, you have a choice:

  • Will you wait to see whether you’ll be one of the lucky ones where thieves don’t strike?
  • Or will you act now, to prevent the loss of expensive equipment and other business assets from cargo theft?

Think of AMAROK as a “vaccine” for your commercial and industrial security. Preventing cargo theft, like preventing disease, is preferable to trying to recoup after the fact. To help keep your bottom line healthy, contact AMAROK today.

The right perimeter security system and solution will protect your premises from losses that can cripple your business. AMAROK is that solution.

This chart shows the advantages of AMAROK’s security fence over other common security measures. 


About the Author:
Cara joined the Service and Support team at AMAROK in 2014 before moving up to Product Specialist. She then became the top-producing Inside Account Executive. Cara is a proven natural leader and a driving force in growing National Accounts, partnering with some of AMAROK’s biggest customers.

Cara was promoted to Director of Inside Sales at the start of 2020, where she continues to mentor and develop the Inside Sales team as AMAROK becomes the ULTIMATE perimeter security provider in North America.

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