ASIS 2017: What Security Pros Need to Know

Every convention claims to be the best place to create a network. But as someone who travels to conventions every month, let me tell you, the ASIS show is something special.

Electric Guard Dog ASIS Security Conference

Highlights from ASIS Security Conference:


      • The opening keynote speaker was former President George W. Bush.

      • Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban provided business advice and was the keynote speaker at the luncheon.

      • There was a turnout of approximately 22,000 security professionals, all with diverse backgrounds.

      • The President’s Reception was hosted at the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone was able to show off their skills on the field before an impressive send-off by the always wonderful Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

      • They even lit up a building in the Dallas skyline to say, “ASIS”!

    While those highlights are impressive, what really made ASIS different was the sense of community. Conventions often allow customers and vendors to meet and mingle. ASIS sets itself apart in the industry by encouraging all participants to work together in a way that is mutually beneficial. An example of this can clearly be seen as half of our top leads came from other vendors. Professionals reached out “across the table” with an interest in working together. Our common goal: to create higher quality, cost-effective solutions for our customers. These types of relationships will push businesses to be better, more inventive and more effective within the security domain. That’s a big win for everyone involved.

    Security Professionals “Touch the Fence”

    Energy at the show was on-high and everywhere — not the least of which was at our booth as crowds of ASIS-goers came by to “touch the fence” for a chance to win multiple prizes as we captured each shock on our big screen.

    Joe Pisano and I (pictured left) bet on how many people touched the fence. The results? Close to 100 attendees touched the fence during the show!

    ASIS is an industry trailblazer, introducing relevant topics for discussion and hosting seminars that are on trend with what is happening now. It was particularly interesting to hear leaders in the field address topics ranging from active shooter situations to cybercrime. The ideas for designing architecture with security in mind were fascinating as well. There was something for everyone.

    To sum things up, the ASIS 2017 Security Conference was awesome. It was inspiring to participate with others who are interested in collaborating to create a more secure world for the future. Consider joining us for ASIS 2018.

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