Benefits of Outsourcing Your Industrial Security Services

As AMAROK’s resident Bostonian, I often like to quote someone we can all learn from – New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. And one of my favorite ‘Bill-isms’ is “do your job.”

Why? Because the same philosophy that has made the Pats so successful also applies to running a successful business.

Notice that Bill says do your job – not somebody else’s. Do 100% of your job to 100% of your ability. If everybody on the team (or in the business) does that, you’ll have a winner.

Think about it. Great teams are made of superb individual athletes who work together to win. Like the Celtics of the 1980s; the Red Sox in 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018; and all six Patriot teams that have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy since 2000.

All of these teams had talented players, each with specialized skills. By performing their individual roles to the best of their ability, they came together into one cohesive whole to win the day. No linebacker ever tried to step in for Quarterback, Tom Brady. Pitchers Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling didn’t try their luck at catching.  Each of these greats used their particular skill set to contribute to the entire team’s success.

Which brings me to the subject of your company’s industrial and commercial security.

Whatever industry you’re in, unless you’re in the industrial security business, you’re not a security expert. That’s why you should partner with a full-time security specialist. And not just any commercial security company, but one with a proven track record of success, such as AMAROK.

Drawbacks of Relying on Employees to Protect your Commercial Property

In my job, I often speak with business owners who say they don’t need industrial perimeter security systems because they always have employees on the premises. I ask them what jobs the employees were hired to do and whether they want those employees devoting 100% of their time and attention to those jobs while they’re on-site. That can’t happen if they’re also being asked to keep an eye on your equipment, property and people entering or leaving it. You could also be putting them at risk by having them perform an industrial security role they’re not trained to do.

The moral: If you want to run a productive, efficient business, it makes sense to have your employees do their own jobs and let a professional industrial security specialist handle security.

Teams win when their managements know each player’s strength and put their talents to work in the right positions. Teams that have players trying to play multiple roles hardly ever make the postseason and never make it to the title game. 

The same holds true for the commercial and industrial security requirements of your business. Your customers trust you to deliver a superior service or product. Focus on improving your products and services while we focus on your industrial security issues. AMAROK offers dependable, efficient, and safe industrial security solutions such as video monitoring, electric security fences, and preventative alarms to offices, facilities, and commercial properties.

With each of us playing to our strength, we both win.