Dumb Criminal Story: So Crazy, It’s True

Have you ever heard a story so amazing you think, “that’s so crazy, it must be true”?

Often it is reality that gives us the most outrageous situations. When you add the criminal element, this can only heighten the insanity. We’ve all seen “The Worst Criminal Awards” on TV and laughed at the dumb decisions some of these criminals make. How often, though, do we stop to wonder if we could be contributing to these crimes through our failed security measures? 

cargo theft case involving a security guard

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Recently, while walking the site of a local company, I encountered a breach in the back fence. Even the shrubbery around this area was cleared out and a nice, easy path was created.  It had everything short of a flashing neon sign letting criminals know that this was an easy place to enter. Cases such as this are good reminders as to why security awareness is critical. Never assume your perimeter is secure.

All of this brings me to my favorite story of the last quarter. A small trucking company in Houston, Texas had valuable items that couldn’t be placed inside. They, like other companies, decided to hire an overnight security guard. During the first week of having this new security guard, some criminals cut a hole in the back fence. They ran into the yard and stole $10,000 worth of tires and accessories. Quite a large amount for a company that had “eyes on the site”. The guard on duty that night had fallen asleep in his car at the front of the site.

The trucking company decided to hire a new security guard. This time, the guard stayed awake the entire time. This sounds like good news, but this new security guard broke into the main building and stole blank checks from the accountant’s office. The next day he forged several checks and tried cashing them at check cashing stores. Needless to say, this company no longer uses security guards to protect their assets. 

cargo theft prevention

As a reminder, there are several ways to make sure your site is secure:

  1. Walk the yard — No, this isn’t a Johnny Cash song. Inspecting your yard for breaches seems simple. It is easy to forget how important and effective this task is.
  2. Layered security — Camera, fences, and alarms alone often do not get the job done. Having a layered security approach creates problems for the criminals and makes it difficult to get around.
  3. Testing your solution — It is important to constantly check to ensure your security measures are working properly.
  4. Open and honest communication — Adhering to this policy is not as easy as it sounds. Enforcing transparency is often the best way to discover suspicious activity around your site.

Criminals are not always the smartest bunch of people. Don’t help them out by letting your guard down. Ensure that you have properly secured the area where you make your living.

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