Electric Guard Dog Shines on Global Stage at GSX

  • EGD booth considered “best in show” by attendees and professional booth designer
  • Attracts interest of global companies and international customers
  • VP of Sales and Marketing Mike Dorrington addresses audience as a thought leader in the security field

The Global Security Exchange (GSX), formally known as ASIS International, is the world’s largest association for security professionals. It is the number-one global go-to source for education, networking, and information in the areas of cyber, operational, and physical security. Their annual trade show, simply called GSX (no additional qualification is needed in this industry), was held in Chicago at the McCormick Center on September 9-12.

EGD did more than exhibit—we had a presence—with one of the most impactful booths on display in the entire show. The allure of experiencing a 7,000-volt shock and living to tell about it is an exclusive draw that no other exhibitor could claim. A fully functioning security setting, complete with an eight-foot electric fence, cameras, lights, ground sensors, and a perimeter detection system, was “the best” [display] of the entire show, according to numerous attendees and booth designers!


So, it’s no surprise that EGD attracted representatives from Nike, Home Depot, Auto Nation—and several more global organizations—who were keenly interested in learning more about our exclusive security solution. Representatives from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa also expressed interest in learning more about an electric-fence-security solution and were completely unfazed about the logistics of transporting the components across borders—or oceans—and expressed no regrets about their own personal commutes to Chicago. 

“Absolutely!” was the common answer to the question we asked our international visitors: “Was it worth the trip?”

Known as the world’s premium source of the latest technological advancements in the security industry, key EGD personnel attended several valuable breakout sessions hosted at GSX:

  • The Business of Security is the Strategy of the Business—which helped answer how companies define risk and demonstrated the need to align security KPI’s with overall company goals.
  • Drones 101: An Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems—a review on FAA regulations, what drones can and cannot do, and the growing threat of criminals using drone technology to scout potential targets for theft.
  • How Unmanned Robotics Represent a Powerful Force Multiplier to Augment Traditional Security Solutions—More on drone technology, including Geofencing, Automation, Programmed Patrolling, and as part of an Integrated Layer Solution. (sound familiar?)

And our own Mike Dorrington participated in a four-person panel to discuss the topic: Can the Human Factor Be Multiplied? Innovation and Force Multiplication. Mike also addressed a captive audience on the subjects Technology Perspective: Part 1, and Collision and Opportunity, Part 3. Mike is rapidly emerging as a thought leader and industry influencer to security professionals and business owners alike.


In 2020, GSX moves to the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta on September 21-23. We will see you there!

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