Keep a Secure Site in a Cold Climate

Do winter storms have you worried about keeping the perimeter at your commercial business secure? Between harsh weather and having to leave sites unattended, winter can be stressful for anyone in charge of security.

Other security systems can suffer power outages and faults in extreme cold and heavy snowstorms. How does the Electric Guard Dog Fence withstand the winter weather so well compared to competitors? The solar-powered system is impervious to outages and there are winter features you may not know about your trusted security partner.

AMAROK Withstands Winter Weather

The Electric Guard Dog Fence is resilient and strong. There are no temperature limitations, the batteries are maintenance-free, and our solar panels are installed at angles so the snow will slide off. Finally, our system has a built-in 5 second delay that allows your security system to take a hit from a falling tree limb and not cause a zone fault.

If a loader or tractor trailer bumps or pushes snow or cars onto our fence, our ¾” diameter of fiberglass poles will flex and not break. Through AMAROK’s years of experience, we build our systems with multiple types of springs on the steel poles to allow our wires and springs to stretch. The Electric Guard Dog Fence is a free-standing fence, unlike electric fence companies that connect their electric fence to the perimeter fence. Our robust, superior design ensures that when a snow-heavy limb falls on the perimeter fence, it will not impact your perimeter security. Those with an attached fence are not so lucky; in their case that snow-laden limb will knock out their last line of defense.

In short, AMAROK’s system that requires minimal attention in even the worst storms. Customer Service is open 8 am – 8 pm throughout the continental U.S., and our employee-based, 24/365 Technical Service Department is always on hand.  Any issues with our fence are always handled by our nationwide network of skilled technicians, because Mother Nature must never be allowed to jeopardize the security of your livelihood.

Care and Maintenance

While the Electric Guard Dog Fence is designed to withstand Mother Nature’s Arctic blasts, there are maintenance tips.

When plowing snow on your site, we ask that customers not plow snow directly onto the fence but rather away from the fence, as best you can. While a minimal amount of snow does not typically affect the Electric Guard Dog, frozen snow, and ice from continued cold may cause the voltage to drop in a zone. If perhaps an employee does plow snow onto your security system and this happens, keep calm. AMAROK will detect the zone fault, and the voltage can be “jumpered” around the snow and ice to prevent further zone faults. Call our Customer Service Department to receive step-by-step support, or one of our EGD service technicians can come to the site.

In the event the snow gets heavy and starts to accumulate on the solar panels, we suggest using a broom to sweep off the excess.

Other Winter Worries

If there is a winter storm heading for your site and it may be vacant for a few days, be sure to secure the perimeter before leaving. These are important areas that AMAROK recommends checking prior to vacating.

1. Facility Operation

  • Lighting — make sure lot lighting is functioning and the day/night sensors are operating. If you don’t have dawn-to-dusk sensors, make sure that the timers are set for the winter months.
  • Alarm System— test that you can arm and disarm your perimeter security alarm system. Also, trigger your system to confirm that your monitoring company is receiving signals.
  • Cameras— make sure that cameras are all working. Reposition them so you can see what is valuable and vulnerable on your yard.
  • Perimeter Fencing— check for damage to your electric fences and perimeter security system. Repair as necessary. Be sure to confirm that all gates close properly and can be secured with a lock.

2. Equipment Security

  • Secure all vehicle keys, including forklifts, in a separate location from the vehicle itself.
  • Secure pallet jacks and hand trucks. 

3.  Awareness

  • Encourage your employees to be on the lookout for suspicious activities and to report them to their supervisor.
  • Have a catchy phrase to remind your people to report issues. Love or hate Homeland Security, “See Something, Say Something” has a nice, easy ring to it.

4. Accountability

  • Never ignore an alarm because some clever thieves test response times in advance of a break-in hoping your team will assume a malfunction.
  • Ensure that the notification list is up to date, as personnel or contact numbers may have changed.

Now is not the time to let your guard down. Train your employees and ask everyone on your team to spend two minutes a day adding to the security of your business. The returns will be immeasurable.