Importance of Perimeter Security During the Winter Season

We’ve all heard it: when the thermometer goes up, so does crime. This is a myth. According to’s report on crime statistics, there is no correlation between month and crime rate. 

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There is, however, a correlation between theft and extended holiday weekends. The coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays fall on a Thursday and Friday. To protect your business from cargo theft, you may want to invest in a perimeter security system.

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Source: Owner Operator Direct

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With that in mind, it’s time to make sure that your team is ready to mitigate the risk. Some things to review to ensure that your property is secure:

1. Facility Operation

  • Lighting — make sure it is functioning and the day/night sensors are operating. If you don’t have dawn-to-dusk sensors, make sure that the timers are set for the winter months.
  • Alarm System — test that you are able to arm and disarm your perimeter security alarm system. Also, trigger your system and confirm that your monitoring company is receiving signals.
  • Cameras — make sure that they are all working. Reposition them so you can see what is valuable and vulnerable on your yard.
  • Perimeter Fencing — check for damage to your electric fences and perimeter security system. Repair as necessary. Also, confirm that all gates close properly and can be secured with a lock.
Importance of Perimeter Security During the Winter Season

2. Equipment Security

  • Secure your keys for your vehicles, including forklifts. In a separate location from the vehicle itself.
  • Secure pallet jacks and hand trucks. 

3.  Awareness

  • Encourage your employees to be on the lookout for suspicious activities and to report them to their supervisor.
  • Come up with something catchy to remind your people to report issues. Love or hate Homeland Security, “See Something, Say Something” has a nice, easy ring to it!

4. Accountability

  • Remind personnel to never ignore an alarm (sometimes thieves test response times in advance of a break-in hoping your team will assume a malfunction).
  • Ensure that the notification list is up-to-date, as personnel or contact numbers may have changed.

Remember, now is not the time to let your guard down. The FBI notes that “States may not perceive cargo theft as a priority or a significant problem within their states.” Yet cargo theft affects every state. Ask everyone on your team to spend two minutes a day adding to the security of your business. It will cost you nothing, while the returns will be immeasurable.  

Curious what cargo theft prevention measures experts recommend? Get a free copy of J.J. Coughlin’s “Cargo Crime” — a must-read guide for transportation and logistics security professionals.



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