Equipment Rental Facility with an Electric Fence

Improving Perimeter Security

Tips on How to Improve Your Perimeter Security

Want to improve the security of your business, warehouse, or manufacturing facility? You’re probably focusing on features like better locks, a keyless access system, background checks on your employees, and security cameras inside your buildings. These are all great steps toward better security. But what if you could keep criminals off your property altogether – which is the best way to prevent crime both on your lot and inside your building? That’s why improving your perimeter security is key to overall security. 

Too many businesses put perimeter security on the back burner until they experience the pain, downtime and lost profits that come after a break-in. Don’t let that happen to you. While you’re overhauling your security processes at your business, don’t forget to improve your perimeter security with these tips to keep your building, employees, equipment and profits safe. 

Why perimeter security is paramount

Threats to your business usually come from the outside. Although internal theft costs businesses millions each year, cargo theft costs U.S. businesses billions, in addition to the loss of revenue due to downtime and the rising cost of commercial property insurance with each claim.

“Cargo theft costs U.S. businesses up to $30 million each year.” - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Criminals intent on stealing cargo, equipment and inventory must breach your perimeter to access their targets. Once they’re in, it’s often too late for a police or security force response. The most effective way to keep your profits safe is to keep criminals out in the first place. 

What to consider when improving perimeter security

Perimeter security covers a large area, making it difficult to secure with just one system. When it comes to improving your perimeter security, a layered approach is best. Consider adding these aspects to your perimeter security system. 

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance cameras serve a two-fold purpose. For one, they act as a psychological deterrent to keep criminals from breaching your perimeter because they think, quite accurately, that there is a higher likelihood that they’d be caught. 

Secondly, video surveillance also increases the chance that police will be able to identify and apprehend criminals and recover stolen property if a theft occurs. Cameras provide 24/7 security that never takes a day off or falls asleep at its desk. 

Consider night vision or thermal cameras for challenging areas of your property with dim lighting and poor weather conditions, which can make it difficult for traditional video surveillance cameras to accurately detect criminals.

Electric Fence 

Many businesses trust their equipment, inventory and people to the strength of a chain-link fence, which can be breached in seconds using a common bolt cutter. Instead, invest in an electric perimeter security fence. Nothing turns criminals away like thousands of volts of stopping power.

Motion Detectors 

Motion detectors can be installed to trigger alarms, cameras and lights when an intruder is detected on your property. 

Eliminate unnecessary access points

Every gate or door leading into your property is a weak link criminals can exploit to enter your property. Assess the gates that lead into your property and eliminate the ones that are seldom used.  

Vibration sensors

Vibration sensors detect subtle vibrations along your fence line as well as throughout areas of your property to let you know if a potential intrusion is in progress.

Amp up your lighting

Criminals’ greatest asset is the cover of darkness, but don’t let Mother Nature give them the upper hand. Ample lot lighting is key to preventing nighttime crime at your location.

“Three out of four commercial burglaries occur at properties without adequate security lighting.”

Fiber optic intrusion detection system

A fiber optic intrusion detection system is considered one of the most modern types of security detection. Used in conjunction with perimeter fencing, a fiber optic detection system detects when a would-be intruder attempts to cut, climb or otherwise interact with your perimeter fence. 

Future-proof your security

As criminals get smarter, your security system should keep up – and beat – their pace. Make sure any perimeter security measures you put into place are able to be upgraded easily and automatically, without an entire “take down and replace” approach. 

Work with a security partner you trust 

You’re in business because you are an expert at what you do. You don’t have to be an expert at security, too. Make sure you work with a trusted partner like AMAROK to make sure your property is fully protected 24/7/365. Want to know if your perimeter security system is at risk? Schedule your complimentary Threat Assessment today. One of our security experts will assess your current property and perimeter security system, expose hidden vulnerabilities, and help you develop a plan to keep your business safe.