Independence Day 2019 Security Tips – Remember CPR

Thieves and criminals look forward to national holidays like July 4th too, but for un-patriotic reasons. Holidays offer opportunities to steal valuable property in large quantities—when no one is around. With a little due diligence to prepare your property, you don’t have to be a victim.

Just remember CPR – Check, Prepare, Report – and have a great Fourth of July!




  • Check that alarms and surveillance systems are working.
  • Walk the perimeter to make sure it’s properly secured.
  • Check on lighting. Replace non-working fixtures.
  • Review timer so lights come on while facility is closed. 


  • Perform a security system test. Is monitoring service receiving signals? 
  • Use an alarm backup system with verified response capabilities. 
  • Remove keys from all equipment (forklifts) and secure them.


  • Report system faults right away.
  • Ensure company alarm call list is current and contains valid phone numbers.
  • Contact law enforcement and ask for additional patrols in the area.

Freight In-Transit: 


  • Perform an initial overall check of the vehicle before leaving it unattended for any length of time.
  • Check on the unattended vehicles as frequently as possible. 


  • Secure the tractor and trailer with a steering wheel locking device, kingpin locks, glad-hand locks.
  • Lock trailer doors. Do NOT leave keys inside tractor. 
  • Only leave vehicles in secured lots with good lighting and surveillance.
  • Park within view of cameras. 


  • Notify dispatch of your whereabouts frequently.
  • Use tracking in the freight with geo-fencing and alert notification. 
  • Gather with your team to discuss perimeter security as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until the day before a holiday to review security procedures and protocols. Apply these suggestions to help maintain the integrity of your security system and keep the criminal element on the outside.

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