Installations — Part II: Digging Deep to Stop Theft

Neither 108-degree heat nor a state of emergency due to flooding (nor having to dig by hand for days through solid limestone!) will stop our installation crews from finishing the job to secure your yard. Even at the end of such grueling days, they often tell us they would prefer to keep working around the clock, rather than not finish. So, who are these installers who work so hard? Let’s find out.

If you missed Part I in this series, you can read it here.

Getting to Know Your Installation Team

The installation process at AMAROK starts with our in-house project managers who handle the logistics, scheduling and inventory, as well as work with the installation crew for your site. Everything is coordinated through these dedicated individuals so that you, the customer, can reap the benefits of having a secure site without any of the hassle.


One of AMAROK’s long-standing installation crews: Danny Owens and his team started with AMAROK back in 1978, when the company was named Sentry Security. When reflecting back about what his crew brings to the job, he says, “Each person specializes in one job and gets better and better…We give our customers more than they ask for…while picking up our trash at the end of a job — we also pick up theirs.”

When it’s time to get to work, the installers assigned to your site are:

  • Part of our nationwide network
  • Highly trained and have worked with us for decades
  • Good communicators and very particular

Making the installation process easy for our customers is something our installers take very seriously.  During an installation, equipment and materials are everywhere, concrete trucks are pouring into five-and-a-half-foot-deep holes throughout your site. Ordinarily, you might wonder what’s going on as equipment and activity take over your yard, right? Not so, our installers are very good at making sure you know what’s going on throughout the entire installation. And when the Electric Guard Dog fence is up and the equipment rolls out, they make sure your site looks as good — if not better — than how they found it.”


Making sure your site looks as good — if not better — than how our installers found it is only second to securing your perimeter as quickly as possible. 

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Our installers literally take matters into their own hands to keep your project on track. How so? Consider this:

  • An extremely tight site of a Texas freight yard
  • Ground covered in limestone
  • Having to dig holes (more than five feet deep) by hand to set the steel poles of the fence

IMG_0459-203150-editedFrom narrow sites with no room for equipment to hard ground conditions, or both — our installers dig their way out of tough situations.

The installers dug into the limestone and broke the tips of two augers. Then they resorted to jackhammering to break up the limestone and dig by hand…It took 3 days to dig 7 holes — and we had 20 holes to go!

The Perfect Storm

Our installers also think outside the box, which is especially critical when tackling a:

  • Massive, 3,500-linear-foot equipment rental yard
  • Fence installation full of curves and turns
  • Site covered in fresh sod and soaked by heavy rain

Talk about the perfect storm. To preserve the sod, we had to find different ways to get into the yard and carefully work along the fence line with our equipment.

amarok_installation_digging_deep_stop_theftThe installers dug and set 40 steel poles that snaked back and forth around the site, and installed 9 cameras set on 20-foot poles, individually angled around the site.

Our installers are prepared, even when they are left in the dark. When they began to install intrusion detection inside the building — with no electricity — they hauled in a generator and completed the job. Their grit and vigilance turned what could have been a wet, soggy mess into a shocking installation success. 

The dedication of our installation crews is demonstrated in the many years they’ve been with us, the depths they go to in order to secure your site, and their everyday commitment to caring for your yard, even when you’re not there. And…who better to have in your yard after hours than your security partner?

I don’t want to be the softest target in my city — I’m ready for EGD and want my fence installed as soon as possible.