Leader of the Pack in Winter Security

In the midst of other security system suffering power outages and faults due to the extreme cold and heavy snowstorms, we’ve received numerous questions about how and why the Electric Guard Dog withstands the winter weather so well compared to competitors. While most know our system is solar-powered and therefore impervious to outages, there are some winter features you may not know about your trusted security partner and business’s best friend, AMAROK. We also have a few tips for maximizing “Sparky” in the snow.

A Husky on the Klondike

Electric Guard Dog’s construction is as robust as an alpha husky on the Klondike, tail wagging, and ready to hitch to the sled. There are no temperature limitations for Electric Guard Dog. The batteries are maintenance-free, and our solar panels are installed at angles so the snow will typically slide off. Finally, our system has a built-in 5 second delay that allows your security system to take a hit from a falling tree limb and not cause a zone fault.

If a loader or tractor trailer bumps or pushes snow or cars onto our fence, our ¾” diameter of fiberglass poles will flex and typically not break. We have learned over the years to build our systems with multiple types of springs on the steel poles to allow our wires and spring to stretch, rather than pull over our steel poles. Additionally, Electric Guard Dog is a free-standing fence, unlike the electric fence companies that often connect their electric fence to the perimeter fence. Our robust, superior design ensures that when a snow-heavy limb falls on the perimeter fence, it will not impact your perimeter security. Those with an attached fence are not so lucky; in their case that snow-laden limb will knock out their security, as well as their last line of defense.

In short, we built a system that required minimal attention in the Polar Vortex. And in any case, our Customer Service was open 8 am – 8 pm throughout the continental U.S., and our employee-based, 24/365 Technical Service Department was also on hand, as they always are. Any issues with our fence are always handled by our nationwide network of skilled technicians, because Mother Nature must never be allowed to jeopardize the security of your livelihood.

Care and Maintenance of “Sparky”

While Electric Guard Dog is designed to withstand Mother Nature’s Arctic blasts, there are maintenance tips we can suggest.

First, when you’re plowing snow on your site, we ask that customers not plow snow onto the fence (as pictured below) but rather away from the fence, as best you can. While a minimal amount of snow does not typically affect the Electric Guard Dog, frozen snow and ice from continued cold may cause the voltage to drop in a zone. If perhaps a new and blithely unaware employee does plow snow onto your security system and this happens, keep calm. EGD will detect the zone fault, and the voltage can be “jumpered” around the snow and ice to prevent further zone faults. Just call our Customer Service Department to receive step-by-step support, or one of our EGD service technicians can come to the site and help.


In the event the snow gets really heavy and sticky and you see it accumulating on the solar panels, we also suggest using a broom to sweep off the excess.

Roads blocked? School canceled? If a manager who typically opens and closes the site is not able to make it, there’s no need to have employees waiting at the gate for someone to show up. Our Virtual System Access (VSA) allows you to turn on the voltage and arm the system from the comfort of your home. It also allows you to remain in the warm coziness of your car, if you hate getting out in the cold.

Pick of the Litter

We’ve been the market leader in electric fence perimeter security for more than 30 years with good reason: we use only the finest, most sturdy components, and we’ve fine-tuned our perimeter security system to withstand even the rarest of weather challenges. And because we never sell our products outright, but rather provide an ongoing security service which we must maintain, rest assured we have no incentive to shortchange on quality.

If you’re a customer and have questions specific to your site, we encourage you to contact Customer Service. If you’re interested in finding out more about whether or not Electric Guard Dog is the right fit for your business, click through to get a Free No Obligation Site Evaluation and Rate Quote.