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NDAA Compliance: Is your video surveillance putting you at risk of losing business?

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed in 2018 prohibiting government contractors and government-funded organizations from using video surveillance systems produced by certain Russian and Chinese companies and their subsidiaries.

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The passage of this law had swift consequences for many government contractors, as they rushed to switch to NDAA-compliant video surveillance equipment before the 2019 deadline. However, there are many businesses that work with the U.S.government who are breaking the law today because they’re using video surveillance systems that are not compliant with the NDAA — without even knowing it.

If you’re not using NDAA-compliant equipment, penalties are steep and can cost your business lucrative government contracts. Don’t wait to get caught. Take a proactive approach to protect your business and ensure you are compliant. Here are four things you should know.

1. NDAA compliance removes vulnerability to your company’s video surveillance

While video surveillance equipment from China is some of the most popular in the U.S. due to its price point, it has been found that some Chinese manufacturers left “backdoors” open in their surveillance systems that can allow rogue users to gain remote access to these surveillance systems. As such, the U.S. government completely banned equipment from these manufacturers for companies with government contracts. This not only applies strictly to government facilities, but it also applies to any federally funded job.

2. Which video surveillance companies are blacklisted by the NDAA?

The NDAA banned the use of telecommunications and video surveillance equipment from a long and ever-changing list of manufacturers. Prior to the passage of the NDAA, these companies’ products were popular in the U.S., so there’s a good chance that you could be using systems or components manufactured by these brands:



3. How do I know if my video surveillance equipment is from a blacklisted company?

To determine whether or not your current systems were manufactured by companies on the banned list, you will need to determine two things:


    1. The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and
    2. The manufacturer of the chipset in your systems. Many times, the manufacturer of the equipment may not be on the banned list, but the chips inside are.


This is often much more complicated than simply searching for a serial number. You will likely need to contact the manufacturer of your system and all of its components to know for sure. If you need help determining whether or not your equipment is NDAA compliant, give us a call. We can help.


4. Where to find NDAA-compliant video surveillance equipment?

AMAROK only carries NDAA-compliant video surveillance equipment. All of our video surveillance cameras and equipment come from NDAA-compliant manufacturers, and we are in constant contact with regulatory bodies to make sure we stay up to date with any changes in the list of banned manufacturers. We are committed to keeping all of our customers within the protection and parameters of federal compliance.


Download AMAROK’s Quick Reference Card to help determine if your Surveillance Equipment is Compliant.



Want to know more about NDAA-compliant video surveillance?

Give us a call today. We understand that finding the right video surveillance system that fits your needs and keeps you NDAA compliant can be complicated, but we make it easy. Give us a call. 


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