Our Security Fence Company Outsmarts Criminals – Electric Guard Dog

So many companies today put all their eggs in one basket. While it’s great to excel in one area, the overall value of your company to customers is diminished when you lack an overall outstanding experience.

The staff at our security fence company noticed that this was a big problem in the security fencing industry, so they charted a different course: rather than sharpening just one facet of our business, we decided the most valuable approach for our customers would be to offer an extremely well-rounded experience. How did we do this? We developed an incredibly effective perimeter security product and backed it with industry-leading service.

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When you work with us, you’re getting a tried-and-true security fencing and perimeter security solution. But, we know you’re smarter than to just take our word for it. The team at our security fence company encourages you to read what some of our customers have said about their perimeter security system.

Our security system differs from others in several ways, beginning with its seven integrated layers:

Electric Security Fence1. An intimidating electric security fence featuring multilingual warning sites promising of an unpleasant shock Security Fencing2. An intense but non-lethal 7,000-volt jolt for criminals who dare to test the security fencing solution
Alarm3. A blaring alarm and an alert to the monitoring center at our security fence company if your system is interfered with Motion Detectors4. Sophisticated motion detectors and door contacts to prevent intrusion into your building
Video Camera5. Access to 24/7 wireless monitoring of your property to verify any alarms from the perimeter security system Alarm Verification6. 24/7 alarm verification by our trained staff 
Officers7.  Trained Electric Guard Dog officers available at all times to respond to and investigate any alarms  

As great as all that is, there’s still more to say about our security fencing and perimeter security system. It’s solar-powered, meaning low energy costs for you. Our electric security fences and system also provide protection from criminals who try to gain access to your site after cutting your power. The system from our security fence company is extremely durable, even withstanding severe weather: Two of our largest customers, with 15 combined sites, reported no outages as Hurricane Sandy ravaged their area. We’re also mindful of your property, so we make sure our perimeter security system protects your paving. Additionally, our system is meant to play well with others, so it’s VIA (virtual integrated access) friendly.


While we’re very proud of our product, it wouldn’t be as valuable if it wasn’t backed by the impeccable service received by every Electric Guard Dog customer. Our service agreement is unconventional, but most of our customers happily renew their contracts after each year of protection. Think of the perimeter security system provided by our security fence company as your businesses most important monthly subscription. When you work with us, we handle every aspect of the electric security fencing installation, at no cost to you. We also service your system for free whenever necessary, regardless of the cause.

Furthermore, in the exceedingly rare event that something would happen to someone as a result of your system, you’re indemnified against litigation and covered by additional insurance. All the responsibility and liability for the electric security fencing is on our end, ensuring total peace of mind throughout the long life of your fence. Moreover, there is no need to undergo the frustrating process of seeking compliance with your local municipality: we have a skilled team dedicated to handling this.

Should you need to reach us, we make this as easy as possible. You’ll have just one point of contact throughout the installation process, giving you a specific person you can contact whenever necessary. Once your perimeter security system is up and running, the customer support staff at our security fence company are ready to resolve any potential issues. And if you require emergency assistance, don’t worry: we also have a 24/7 troubleshooting line. Once you’ve decided Electric Guard Dog is the right fit for your company, we pay for FedEx to deliver and unload the parts for your system, so there’s no work necessary on your end. If you encounter any issues with your system at any time, our dedicated team will quickly assess the claim and solve the problem.

We know it can be difficult to decide which form of security is best for your business. Many other perimeter security system providers claim to offer superior protection, but there are many glaring holes upon deeper inspection.



It’s true that an alarm system that sounds when an unauthorized person enters a property can sometimes scare them off. But shouldn’t your focus be on not letting them gain access in the first place? Plenty of criminals will happily plunder your site for as long as they can before fleeing as law enforcement arrives. Often, law enforcement doesn’t prioritize security alarms from perimeter security systems. One major city’s average police response time to security alarms was 45 minutes.


Having an actual person on site at all times at your truck yard, automotive siterecycling field, or commercial site sounds like the perfect security solution, right? This is actually far from the case. Security guards are extremely expensive: our average-size customer who switches from a 24/7 security guard to an electric security fencing solution saves $120,000 each year. Furthermore, security guards may be negligent, or worse, complicit in ripping off your business.


An earlier iteration of our security fence company actually used guard dogs to ward off thieves and property criminals, so we’re familiar with the associated pitfalls. While menacing dogs can seem like a powerful deterrent to bad guys, those who want to access your site badly enough will sadly find many ways to silence your dogs. Guard dogs additionally pose a major liability if they happen to injure someone.


Video cameras can be useful, but typically only after you’ve been rocked by theft. Even then, the quality is often so poor that the criminals are untraceable and get away scot-free with your valuable property.


Other security fence companies that offer a similar service to ours just can’t compete with our seven layers of security. Our perimeter security system and services are crafted specifically for the industries we know best, while competitors can’t match our expertise that comes with specialization. 


Through our unique offerings of a powerfully effective electric security fencing system and top-notch customer service, we’ve made a name for ourselves in our 27 years of protecting people and property. In the continental U.S. and need site security? We can help! Our security fence company has a nationwide support network, so there’s no need to settle for less than the best. We’re proud to report that our system protects more than 4,000 sites. At this point, maybe you’re wondering if our system is actually as strong as we’re claiming. That’s a fair question, and we have the data to back it up. Independent surveys have found that a full 98% of Electric Guard Dog customers completely eliminated theft following the installation of our system.

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