Our Team’s Top 5 AMAROK Blogs of 2020

The AMAROK team has picked their top 5 FIVE blogs of 2020 that everyone should be sure to read! Here they are: 

1. Introducing AMAROK, Ultimate Perimeter Security

In February of 2020, Electric Guard Dog®, which has provided reliable electric security fences and perimeter security solutions since 1991, renamed itself AMAROK. 

2. The 12 Days of Holiday Security

AMAROK gave a valuable holiday gift in 2020 -12 ‘shockingly’ simple ways to protect your property with one new tip each day for twelve days!

3. AMAROK Launches FORTIFEYE, the World’s First Integrated Electric Fence, Video, and Monitoring System

AMAROK launched FORTIFEYE in 2020 which integrates electric security fencing, video surveillance, and video monitoring to create the ultimate crime prevention solution.

4.  4 Assets to Consider When Choosing a Perimeter Security Partner

When implementing perimeter security measures, most companies focus first on protecting their physical assets. That’s fine, but don’t stop there.

5.  Benefits of Outsourcing Your Industrial Security Services

If you want to run a productive business, it makes sense to have your employees do their own jobs and let an industrial security specialist handle your security requirements.


AMAROK™ is a full-perimeter security company based in Columbia, South Carolina, that provides commercial security services throughout the United States and Canada. Specializing in electric fencing and perimeter security systems for commercial properties, AMAROK also provides supplemental surveillance solutions, including cameras, lights, and alarms. Together, these business security services form the ultimate crime prevention solution for any business.