RV Dealers Convention/Expo + Vegas + AMAROK = Jackpot!

AMAROK™ is “Dedicated to Providing Reliable Solar-Powered Electric Fences and Perimeter Security.” The RVDA, or the National RV Dealers Association, is dedicated to “advancing the RV retailer’s interests…and…to enhance the positive image of the RV experience.”

So, it only seems natural that AMAROK cultivated numerous leads from key RV dealers located throughout the United States—from Oregon to Pennsylvania—at the 2019 RV Dealers and Convention Expo, held in Las Vegas on November 11-15. 


They shared common concerns and challenges with AMAROK that only a security solution with monitoring, alarms, responsiveness, and a solar-powered electric fence can solve.

RV dealers experience vandalism.  Thieves and vandals cause damage to their own customers’ RVs as well as units scheduled for sale—sometimes for that very next morning. It’s a situation with zero upside and calls into question several critical metrics of perception, including lot security, customer service, and the overall reputation of the dealers brands, along with the RVs’.

Homeless people take shelter in RVs. While being sympathetic to the plight of the homeless, the reasons for preventing them from spending nights in RVs range from vandalism and damage to liability and accountability in the event of injury, or worse.

Thieves covet electronic RV components. So much so, that RV dealers routinely remove them from their RVs on a daily basis, which is a major inconvenience. Doing this repeatedly increases the opportunity for damage to the electronic components and to the RV—obviously, they are not designed for repeated removal and reinstallation.

RV Dealers

In light of these concerns,  RV dealers still want their facilities to look inviting and accessible. So, the appearance of an electric fence can still draw some raised eyebrows. Yet, more than a dozen RV dealers requested quotes from AMAROK for multiple properties. One such quote was generated and submitted to a customer during the show.

Perhaps these RV dealers were influenced by the event’s keynote speaker, Josh Linkner, whose address to the group emphasized that pushing creative boundaries and harnessing innovation can drive companies and individuals to thrive when they continually adapt, innovate, change, and expand their way of thinking.

As one who has created, nurtured, and sold four companies for a combined value of more than $200,000,000, and as the author of three books that focus on channeling innovation, leadership, and transformation, Josh had much to offer this audience.

Josh couched one of his key messages in the phrase “break the rules to get the jewels”—words that resonate with AMAROK—because we offer far more to customers than a solar-powered electric fence, and AMAROK continually adapts to a security industry that is always changing. Remember that AMAROK originally leased out actual trained guard dogs to protect their customers’ outdoor assets. Today, we offer a perimeter-security solution like no other in the world: A solar-powered electric fence with a host of other products that prevents crime before it occurs.

With many more products and services in development. We’ll keep you informed.