The Dangers of Security Alert Fatigue

The last time you heard a car alarm, did you stop what you were 
doing and immediately call the police? If you answered no, then
you’ve experienced a form of security alert fatigue. 

The Dangers of Security Alert Fatigue    

Security alert fatigue occurs when people are exposed to so many alarms that they become desensitized to them. In work environments, these can be security alarms. Alarm fatigue, also known as security alert fatigue, is common in places like auto dealers, construction sites, and businesses in high-property crime areas. 

Commercial security alarms are in place for a reason. When you and your staff and security personnel begin ignoring security alerts because there are just too many of them, real emergencies could be missed, leading to disasters such as:   

  • Thieves breaching your perimeter and hiding until after hours to steal from your business  
  • Thieves entering your building and committing a robbery immediately, putting you and your employees at risk of violence  
  • Fire that causes severe damage or death  

The Real Cost of Security Alert Fatigue  

Incidents that alarms are designed to prevent can seriously affect business operations.  

  • A fire or break-in could result in operational downtime – as stolen inventory and equipment are replaced and damaged areas of your facility are repaired 
  • If one or more of your employees are hurt in a break-in, you’ll need to find and train a replacement while paying a workers’ comp claim to your injured employee  
  • If you miss deadlines because of a break-in, your reputation will suffer 
  • If your business stays closed for a while until things get up and running again, potential customers will go elsewhere (to your competitors) 
  • Constant alarms can also increase employee stress levels while reducing productivity


Preventing Security Alert Fatigue In Your Workplace  

Can your business afford to shoulder losses like these? More than likely not. 

Take these steps today to address overactive security alarms to help your business stay safe from thieves, fire and the expensive consequences of security alarm fatigue.

1. Customize Sensitization Settings

Alarms that are too sensitive for the environment they’re in can result in excessive alerts and alarm fatigue. Set the proper thresholds so that they’re not overly sensitive (too many alarms) but also mute alarms that recur too often in a specific time frame so they don’t tie up your operators and keep them from handling a true alarm event. 

2. Update Alarm Protocols As Conditions Change

Keeping up-to-date on changes that can affect your alarms can help you prevent alarm fatigue. Changes in schedules, activity on your property, and even landscaping can affect how often your alarms sound. 

3. Provide Employee Training

Train your employees on ways to prevent extraneous alarms, including what time the alarms are armed around your property and what actions can cause the alarms to go off unnecessarily. 

4. Collaborate With Reputable Security Providers

Security experts understand how annoying (and dangerous) security alarm fatigue can be, as well as the nuances of setting up alarms that are sensitive enough to stop would-be thieves but not so sensitive that they go off every five minutes. Perfecting the security alarms at your business should not be a DIY job.

5. Use A Layered Security Approach

When you’re protected by the right combination of complementary security features, you don’t have to turn your security system’s sensitivity up to 10. Click here to download your free guide on creating a layered security approach. 

For example, with a perimeter security fence and video monitoring combination like FORTIFYE, an alarm on the fence can trigger the video surveillance system to do a dual verification of movement in that area.

If the cameras do not detect motion, the fence alarm is disregarded automatically. If the cameras do detect motion, the operator is sent a video clip so they can see the live view for triple verification and choose how to proceed with handling the threat. This reduces alarm fatigue as well as the number of events the operator is required to handle.  

Growing Tired of Security Alert Fatigue?

Excessive alarms can stress you and your staff out AND lead to disastrous consequences for your business. You don’t have to just live with it – AMAROK can help you do something about it. Learn more on how our FORTIFYE solution can help stop alert fatigue and distractions at your business. Book a meeting to talk to our security experts now, and we’ll find out if there are vulnerabilities in your current system (like excess alarms) that thieves could exploit to take advantage of your business.