Security Mishap of the Year

When it comes to high-dollar property crime, most people think of the obvious targets: cash, jewelry, gold. But there are some other types of items that thieves seek out that may be less commonly known. This year’s worst security award goes to a warehouse that houses an item that some may think of as trivial, but in total, adds up to an astronomical amount.

Don’t win this award. 

Security Mishap of the Year

One type of item most people don’t think of regarding theft is makeup. However, earlier this year, in California’s San Fernando Valley, thieves had exactly that idea. It makes sense: makeup is small and pricey, so a large-scale theft can be quite profitable. Indeed it was. Thieves targeted an Anastasia Beverly Hills warehouse over a weekend in late January. Though some details of how the operation was conducted are unknown, authorities say entry was gained to the warehouse by cutting a hole in the roof. Once inside, the thieves stole over 100,000 packages of the company’s popular eyeshadow line “Modern Renaissance.” Because each package retails for $42-45, the total theft is estimated at about $4.5 million. Almost a year later, the thieves still haven’t been caught.

A Preventable Disaster

It’s sad to see a company hit so hard by theft, but it seems that this could have been prevented with proper security measures. The company has identified a three day span in which the theft occurred, but they don’t have any more specifics than that. If you have been robbed of millions of dollars of product and aren’t even sure of when it happened, your security is shockingly insufficient. Video footage of the theft exists, but is apparently too grainy to be helpful. If you’ve installed security cameras on your site and found them useless — both at preventing theft and identifying the culprits afterward — what exactly was the point of having the security cameras in the first place?

Integrated Layered Security


If you want your job site to be able to withstand the efforts of thieves, layered security is the best solution. An ideal layered security system consists of three types of deterrents: physical, shock, and alarm. A good physical deterrent, such as an imposing fence, makes would-be trespassers or thieves second guess their plan before they even start. However, this may not be enough on its own. The shock deterrent is there to stop thieves who aren’t deterred by the fence’s size. With electricity pulsing through the fence, thieves who try to scale or cut the fence are met with an unpleasant (but non-lethal) jolt. While this is enough to send most thieves running, the alarm deterrent is a final added layer of security. If thieves try to climb or cut through the fence, a loud alarm will be triggered. For those worried about rooftop entry after reading about the Anastasia Beverly Hills warehouse fiasco, electric fencing can also be installed on the roof to prevent thieves from gaining access to your buildings from above.

Concerned about the safety of your business? Complete this checklist to determine if a layered security system is a necessary feature of your business’s site.